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  1. Maybe tell prospective buyers where you are and contact info might help you sell your machine. Nigel
  2. Dawn, Try turning your pig tail guides upside down and rethread. It is common to get a groove worn Into them and the top thread will shred. If you turn them upside down and your shredding stops that is probably the problem. When we had our machines we would change the guides about every nine months. Nigel
  3. In my mind no don’t scrap it parts are readily available and I don’t think the new ones really sew much better. Do you know the manufacturer of the stitch regulator and the computer? The most common aftermarket one was Intellistitch and Intelliquilter. If that is the case there is lots of support available. Let us know what you have or post a picture and we can probably send you in the right direction. My old Ultimate 1 is still going strong daily in someone else’s business, not bad for a twenty five year old piece of equipment. Nigel
  4. Linda Do I assume correctly you are talking about the carriage wheels? If so, the preferred way would be to remove the take up and leveler bars and roll the head off the back of the carriage set it down on some blocks to protect the wheels. To remove the bars loosen the knob underneath the fabric advance motor and slide it off, loosen the Allen screw in the cog that remains on the take up bar and slide it off the remove the Allen bolt at the left end of the take up bar (should only be hand tight) and pull the bar out to the left with two people (it’s awkward by yourself) and place on f
  5. Did you try the email in the ad? She hasn’t been on here in six months. Nigel
  6. Lora Are you talking about the aluminum axle being loose on the bottom of the head? From memory they are held on with two Phillips screws each and I think you can access them by laying on your back under the machine. Nigel
  7. Thanks for the info. Obviously clean the wheels first but I bet you have already done that. Since you say it is the same in all directions it is unlikely both encoders are out of adjustment. I would look at motor brushes next. Here is the video for that. https://www.apqs.com/motor-brush-maintenance-video/ If that doesn’t help load a practice piece and confirm the machine moves well in manual mode. Then you will probably need to contact the factory and have them walk you through some diagnostics. They are very good at fixing machines over the phone. Nigel
  8. Which model? How old? I assume you are talking about stitch regulated. What do you have the spi set at? Same issue moving left right and front back? Nigel
  9. Did you read the post above yours?
  10. We never had the Bliss but we would use an elastic band across the stylus handle and the mount. That would hold downward tension on the Circle Lord stylus and eliminate the stylus jumping out of the boards. Nigel
  11. Probably here are the instructions. https://www.apqs.com/fuse-replacement-video/ Nigel
  12. Click on Lynn’s name and send her a message, that will go directly to her email. She hasn’t been on the forum for 16 months so I expect she has sold the machine. If you get her please ask her to update the ad. Nigel
  13. If you undo the four thumbscrews that hold the handle clamp on and let the handle hang. You will see a couple of Allen head screws holding the back part of the clamp to the head. Tighten them up and reassemble. Nigel
  14. Try the phone number or email address in the ad. She hasn’t been on the site in over a year.
  15. Sherri You can time it yourself. Here is the video from APQS. It probably will take a couple of tries the first time but once you have done it successfully it will only take five or ten minutes in the future. Nigel https://www.apqs.com/timing-apqs-machine-video/
  16. On an iPad and I suspect it is similar with whatever machine you are using. Go to your original post and click on the three dots at the top right of your post and you will see the edit button. Then you should be able to edit the title to say sold and you will also be able delete all the text in your ad and replace that with sold as well if you like. Don’t forget to save changes. Nigel
  17. Look at the picture Connie posted in this thread. I don’t know who first did this but it is brilliant and simple to do. https://forum.apqs.com/topic/43372-batting-storage/?tab=comments#comment-551487 Nigel
  18. I agree with Jim. If you tear a top stop and see if the customer has any of the same fabric for you replace the damaged piece with. Consider supplying the label for the backside of that other one. We’ve also offered the quilting at no charge even when we have made the above repairs and have always gotten paid anyways. Be honest with your customers and most will be more than fair with you. Nigel
  19. Try this link. I have no affiliation with him I just found it by using the search feature for his name. http://www.mcautomationinc.com/led2.html
  20. Yes. You should be able to use any size needle in the same class just like you do in your domestic machine. When I had machines I successfully used needles from 3.0 up to 4.5 without making any changes to my machines. I think the problems usually come in when going to a significantly smaller needle because they flex easier and may require the timing to be set up so the needle kisses the hook a little harder. That is why APQS will tell you to stay within one size up or down from 4.0. Nigel
  21. Gayle Click on the three dots at the top right of your post. The edit function is there. Nigel
  22. I haven’t seen any Green Millennium from the factory in quite a few years. They would take the Ultimate 1 machines strip them down and rebuild them to Millenniums and then use green decals instead of red to differentiate them. The factory would wait until they had a good number to do at once as the process was a little different than a straight build using all new parts. We had one of those machines and the savings was about two thousand dollars and it came with the full warranty. Nigel
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