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    RunningThreads reacted to katquilter in Needle hitting   
    Hi - Thought I would update  - I spoke with the Amazing Amy and it might be I can just do a belt adjustment !  She sent me videos, and once I find Allen wrenches and do a little Yoga to slow my heartbeat down, I'll be doing this chiropractic adjustment on my machine …  
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    RunningThreads reacted to Cagey in Needle hitting   
    Your post is somewhat confusing, as it sounds like the entire needle feel out when you first hit the ruler.  Is this correct?  I would have thought the needle would have broken, and part of the needle fell onto the quilt.  Though your sentence above would indicate the entire needle feel out.  
    With your needle first hitting the ruler and then having it fall out multiple times, you have had ample opportunity for your machine to come out of time.  Thus, I would suggest you watch the APQS timing videos, 
         Tools needed     4:30 magnifier to see the hook assemble and diagnose problem
    After watching the videos, I would suggest with a needle installed watch what the needle is striking when it is lowered.  Have someone turn the hand wheel slowly while you watch the needle descend with a bobbin both not installed.
    Once you know exactly what the needle is hitting, you can better determine what needs to be done to get your machine working.  Give APQS a call after you know what the needle is hitting, and they can steer you in the proper direction.  
    Best of luck with your repair.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from mkc in UPS for Lenni   
    The main power fuse on a Lenni is 3.15 amps which is the equivalent of about 400 watts.  You want a unit with zero delay and that is what dual conversion will give you.  Not to say you can’t get zero delay without dual conversion.  I’m not sure if the Lenni will tolerate a delay switching to a backup but I know the Millennium won’t.  If you are quilting along and the power goes out there is an excellent chance the needle is in the fabric, you will tear the quilt.  In my opinion buy the smallest dual conversion back up,  you just need it to keep the machine running until you can stop moving.  
    Just my two cents
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    RunningThreads reacted to JustSew in 3 at once   
    I mounted 3 baby quilts at once.  I used the same length of backing fabric for all 3 but used different battings.  Used my faithful 2002 Millenium.

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    RunningThreads got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Man Quilter   
    Man quilter is Matt Sparrow.  He had a blog for a few years and some videos under that name.  It looks like the site has gone dormant but the Sparrow Quilt Company is still going strong.  Here is a video that may be what you are looking for.   Leader grips and red snappers are the same principle.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from aktbone in Attaching binding by longarm   
    We never used the channel locks when applying binding, we used the edge of the hopping foot as a guide.  Also if someone was going to show or have the quilt judged we wouldn’t apply the binding.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Anita Heath   
    Sounds like needle flex could be a big part of your problem.  A larger needle and a shorter stitch length will reduce flex and should help. How old is the machine?  If it is a little old I would be checking for worn bushings in the needle bar.  I had this happen to me with one of our APQS machines years ago with a new shipment of needles, same brand and size.  The cure was to redo the timing and all was good.
    Let us know what you find.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from Lauralorene in Pricing question on quilt   
    In my mind it should be at least four times your pantograph rate.  I bet it took at least that much time.  I think the reason most quilters don’t like doing custom work is they don’t charge enough.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from Lauralorene in Ruler work   
    Figure out how much more time it takes than doing a pantograph.  I expect it is at least triple so charge at least triple the panto rate.  If you don’t charge enough you will grow to hating doing custom quilting for customers.  It is just like any other business if a customer doesn’t like the price show them a less expensive option.
    When you get a reputation as a good custom quilter no one will question your price.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from barbm in Bliss 14’ Table Not Level   
    Barb types faster than me.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from in 10 ft rods for a used longarm set I just purchased (APQS wooden table/Ultimate II machine).   
    Occasionally they come up for sale but they are usually expensive to ship.  Maybe a local welder or machinist can take off one end cut down the length and weld the end back on.  Then you would need to make or buy new leaders.  Should be pretty cost effective. 
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    RunningThreads reacted to Marie0722 in Sea Breeze   
    I recently finished this quilt for a customer who usually does her own quilting on her domestic machine but thought that this one was too big for her to handle. Aren't the colours just beautiful? She had already drafted most of the feather design for the background, I just added the centre part as it was too much space to be left unquilted and chose the design for the circles. We are both very happy with the way it turned out.

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    RunningThreads got a reaction from dbams in Quilting design boards   
    Looks like Circle Lord Comos
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from HelenK in A-1 Elite stitch regulated longarm   
    Click on her ID and you will see an option to send her a private message that will go to her email.  It doesn’t look like she has been here since she posted the ad.
    Jim is right that is or was a good deal.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from Amy Chaney in Difference in features between Millie and Freddie   
    The channel locks we used a fair bit but the thread cutter almost never.  I think you would get most of the $1100 back in resale but if my intent was to keep the machine forever I don’t know I would spend the extra.  I guess the answer to your question is maybe.  
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from dbams in Info   
    Dbaz. What info do you need?  From the factory 20 inch throat no stitch regulator (many were upgraded to Intellistitch) built until the late nineties or early two thousands.  Like all APQS machines well constructed and reliable.  Jim Erickson has one as his primary machine in his business.  I’m sure he will pop in and answer any further questions.  
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from ORNurse56 in Discovery?   
    Jim is right that the IQ requires needle positioning.  My Ultimate 1 had it but it was an option.  The Discovery was a later machine but I don’t know if it included or still an option.  If your machine stops with the needle in the same position every time then you have it.  To the best of my knowledge there are two aftermarket stitch regulator option available.  Perfect Stitch and Intellistitch and each are affiliated with a robotic system.
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from dbams in Millie has blown a fuse, screws too tight   
    There is another method to get the screws out I learned from Amy.  Take a standard (flat) screwdriver and hold it perpendicular to the edge of the screw and give it a decent whack with a hammer and that will leave a divot in the edge.  Put the tip of tip of the screwdriver in the divot and angle the screwdriver so when you tap the handle with the hammer the screw turns counter clockwise.  Once it starts to turn it will come out easy.  You can use a 4 amp slow blow fuse if you can’t find the 3.15 locally but no larger, this I was told by APQS.   I am sure Matt Sparrow will have them.  
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from quiltmonkey in 2002 Millie - stitch length selector   
    I suggest calling or emailing APQS service tomorrow.  They are very good at diagnosing over the phone and will get the needed parts out to you quickly.  They will also supply very detailed instructions with pictures to replace those parts.  
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Millie has blown a fuse, screws too tight   
    You need a screwdriver that fits the screws well with a decent sized handle.  If you don’t have the strength to push in and turn at the same time and nobody stronger to help you. Try tapping the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer at the same time as you are turning the screw out.  The heads of the screws are quite soft so if you mess them up replace them ASAP.  You can get suitable replacements at your local hardware store if you don’t have spares.  
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from dbams in Glide thread   
    I’ve always had to back the tension off for Glide.  Try one of these things at a time until you have success.  First check the pigtail guides for grooves.  For the three hole guide above the tension thread under the first hole and down the third hole, next I would back off the top tension one of two turns until the thread stops breaking then adjust the bobbin tension to balance.  Also slowing down a little may help.   That is what has worked for me in the past.
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    RunningThreads reacted to jimerickson in Quilt Path vs. Intelliquilter   
    Maribeth:  I've been quilting for over 10 years now.  Started with a KenQuilt stretched 622. moved to a P17.(a Singer 201 based stretched machine), and then to a Gammill Classic, and a year later added my APQS Ult 2.  I've had the Ult 2 for nearly 9 years.  Having had a couple of "lesser" machines, I really appreciate the design and quality of the Gammill and APQS.  I do the occasional commission quilt as well as most of the quilting for our sewing group, and have probably quilted about 1000 quilts over my quilting "life".
    I'm happy to share some of the insights I've gained as a result of my experience, and hope my thoughts are helpful to the folks here on the forum.  Jim
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from Bonnie in Ok in Pricing question on quilt   
    Well said Gail.
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    RunningThreads reacted to Gail O in Pricing question on quilt   
    Let it go. If you quilted what was requested in the price range you quoted, then you did nothing wrong. (Lovely quilting, by the way)  There could be a boatload of reasons that she has moved on to another quilter; the most likely being that she wants custom quilting for pantograph pricing. 
    Your business plan should not include financing others hobbies.
    Do not underestimate or undervalue your worth or skills!
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    RunningThreads got a reaction from whitepinesquilter in Selling my 1990 Ultimate I with I/S   
    Intellistitch is the add on stitch regulation.  As Jim said it is a really good deal, a commercial grade stitch regulated machine for under four thousand.  Marci would have paid over three just to add the stitch regulator.