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  1. No, I don't, but you can send me a check. I will put this in the mail tomorrow. Just give me your address and phone number. Kate Meyers 5309 S Irvington Ave Tulsa, OK 74135 918-200-5859
  2. Still in box, never used! Asking $225.00 (reg price $325.00) Plus shipping.
  3. 2016 Brand new Turbo Winder still in box. Reg $325 Sale $300, plus shipping SOLD
  4. SOLD: Dealer owned 2006 Millennium 12’ Bliss Table This Millennium has been carefully cared for by the Tulsa APQS Dealer and is in excellent condition. The following is included: Throat Size 26’ Stitch Regulator Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks Bliss Tracking System Power Fabric Advance Size L Bobbin Single Stitch-Two Position Variable Needle Speeds Single Disc Thread Tensioner Laser Light Stylus Auto Needle Positioner Synchronous Belt Drive System Self-Lubricating Bushing Hartley Expanding Base I will include 8 different rulers, including Linda Haddadin’s Amaz
  5. Turbo Winder for sale used only 4 times. New $325.00 Asking $200.00 Please email me at Thanks Kate
  6. I am selling the Circle Lord's Feathers Borderz 15" long 5.5" to 6'25 wide with echo line. This is a continuous stitch piece. Used 2x ,new $99.00, selling for $50.00. Shipping free in US Please email me at
  7. I am selling one complete set of zippers for canvas leaders. These are for a 14' table. Orig $54.95 now $30. I also have another set Orig $24.95 now $15. Both in excellent condition Shipping $4.50
  8. Sherry Rodgers-Harrison "Feathers 101" is a wonderful book. She makes it easy to create feathers and has practice sheets in the book that you can us a dry erase on. Taught me how to feather.
  9. Alyce, I feel for you. I know you said you cleaned your machine, but look inside the bobbin nest (remove bobbin). Look to the top of the nest where the hook is. Often a bit of lint gets stick there and it's hard to see and difficult to air spray out. If you manually move the flywheel while you are looking inside the the bobbin nest you might see the culprit.
  10. I have used QD blend for years. I, too. like it and never have had a problem with their product. But I do understand what Marilyn means. I think that the stitching looks better on Hobbs 80/20.....the thread literally sinks into the fabric so you see more stitch definition. I find the stitches lay rather flat on top of the quilt with QD....less dimensional look. I believe you have understand the look, feel and the weight you think your customers want. I like the fact QD has no limits on wholesale orders.
  11. Hi Rita Do you work with any QOV groups in NC? Your profile only says NC, but not a city. I was the QOV Regional Coordinator for NC and now just take care of TN. NC has some wonderful groups that do wonderful quilts....your quilts would fit in beautifully.....they are lovely. Susan Gordon is the RC now for can find here on the website She organizes some great QOV retreats She would love to hear from you....especially if you send her you pics of your quilts. I remained the TN QOV Reg Coord.....keep up the good work. Thank you fro what you do
  12. Hi Cee Your QOV Regional Coordinator in KS is Sara Kenny and her assistent who takes care of KS is Katy Vickers These women will have a list of Pellon distributors in your area that sell Legacy to the QOV community. I just purchased 60 yards for $120.00 here in TN. Thank your for what you do. Still at war; still quilting TN QOV Regional Coordinator Anyone who wants to know who their QOV Reg Coord is, please feel free to contact me.