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  1. I thought I needed new canvas, but ended up turning the distorted edge under, sewing a hem with my LA and the help of my son and they are as good as new! The double thickness of canvas is not a problem with the big pins we use. There is a lot of canvas on our poles, so I would not hesitate to turn them again if needed. Just an idea.
  2. Personally, I found the Legacy line to be thinner than the Quilter's Dream or Hobbs. Pricing was good, though. I have not tried it. You are asking really good questions! Looking forward to the answers. We learn so much here! Lisa APQS Liberty Circle Lord NJ
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. For those of you with the lifts... how well do they work? Any problems? My room gets down to 65 in the winter, so I am a bit concerned about that. Some lifts are oil...some are gas/air. Yikes! Lisa
  4. Hi again Sandy...I just checked your Webshots Pix...wow, you did an awesome job! Love those cord spots. Where did you find them? I also noticed how you seemed to have put the screws into the bottom of the top - part way up, keeping the table top untouched. It must be thick. Great job. Thanks for sharing the pix. Where ever did you find that table with the carnking level adjuctment? Very cool. I'll have to check Staples for some thing like this. Thanks! Lisa
  5. Sandy, Yes, I was speaking about your table...thanks. I like the way yours has that shelf (as many others have shown in pix). Bonnie sent me some pix that had obe she made as well. How did you attach the shelf to your table top, Sandy? I notice you have a piece of wood - glued?? - then the shelf is bolted into it...your top surface looks smooth and untouched. Is it a laminate top, like a formica kitchen counter surface? Funny, I'm "dreaming" of a nice new table with the lift because of the smooth, flat surface and my bobbin access below the table...and a number have said that is the least important feature! That is why I love this group...we all have so much to share!! Thanks, Lisa
  6. That looks neat! I like that you do not need an acrylic insert. My DSM's bobbin is below the arm...so I 'd have to lift it up to clean it out. Is that waht you do...or does yours lift up with a lever or something? That lift feature seems to be a key feature of the sewing cabinet companies. Thanks, Lisa
  7. Thanks everyone for the great ideas. I have requested brochures and will have something in the new year...I hope! I have some ideas about making one but love the idea of "done" and not waiting for hubby to get it done...if you know what I mean! BTW: my computer is down...have to use my son's for a while...Lisa
  8. Hi. I'm sewing (DSM for bindings& piecing) on a old desk and it is time to upgrade to a bigger sewing table. I have the space, so it will be out all the time and does not have to be able to fold up teeny-tiny. What do you have and do you like it? And, what do you not like about it?? Those lifts look good for changing bobbins. Would **love** a flat sewing surface. Thanks! Lisa APQS Liberty NW NJ
  9. Just thought I'd check in again. Of course when there were some for sale, we were away for a couple of days! I always miss these things! Thanks, Lisa APQS Liberty
  10. So, anyone have any they want to sell?? Just thought I'd ask...maybe I'll have some luck with our chat group. Would it be bad to ask for someone to outline a couple of their templates so I can have them made since I can not buy them any more?? Some of the shapes were really pretty. If the company is gone, is it still an copyright issue??? Thanks, Lisa
  11. Nora, the company went out of business. I tried calling them for a while and emailing but never a reply. Some one said the last hurricane in TX lead to their closure. I had a little list of templates to order...hoping I'll find them here! Lisa
  12. Hi. Any one have any of Rob's Rulers or other templates they want to get rid of? I like working with them and would like to buy some gently used. Thanks very much! Lisa APQS Liberty NW NJ
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