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  1. I am having a similar problem with a Rainbows cone. I have used this cone in the past with no problems. I am wondering if it maybe static from cooler weather (I am in the north east), or M&M wheels??? I cleaned the machine, changed to a new needle, then changed to a bigger needle, used Static Guard, loosened the quilt, but kept breaking at the seams. The backing is a lower quality batik, as are some of the patches. Though it is very pretty, I think the batik is an issue. I gave up. Ripped out the 1/2 row I was able to get in, and will reload this quilt today. It is a crib quilt and I have
  2. Very cool. When the President of the United States and/or his family visit, that is HUGE!!!! Wonder if she is a quilter!
  3. Just checking to see how his workshops are these days...anyone been to one lately?? I went to one about 5 yeas ago and it was awesome. The one I went to last weekend was, um, not. Wondering if it was just an off day for him.....the venue...or something else. I'd be willing to try again, but am not willing to waste another day. Thanks!
  4. Last week I noticed my quilting was fine for a while, then thread break, fix, break, etc. My machine was clean, new needle and all set to go. Thread was Rainbows on top and So Fine in the bobbin. I gave myself a time out too! Some days you just have to walk away... Later on, I realized how dry it was in my room. I had put the electric heat on in my studio just that week and did not even think about the humidifier. So, ladies with heat on - HUMIDIFIERS on too! Hope this helps save someone from having an annoying quilting day!
  5. What a fun quilt! You did a great job selecting the designs. Congrats!!
  6. Hi again. I forgot to mention,.... Linda, Sue, Corey - I loved the Duet, LG and Electrolux sets, but hubby squashed those prices. You are right, Lisa C. about the inside-lint screens not getting the top of the dryer dirty...though I wondered, as you change the screen, if the lint goes right back in! I thought some of the lint screens were in the way and might catch some of the clothes as I yanked them out. Geo Tech - I would LOVE a Miele!! Debbie: thanks for mentioning the low water issue - we have a well and the water pressure is very low - so we are concerned about that. Thanks to each
  7. Thanks for all the input. It was so much easier with the old agitator style machines! Yikes, how the heck do you wash a big quilt yet keep that low bump on the bottom open and visible in these new machines?? We are trying to buy Made-in-America (no offense to those elsewhere!) and found Whirlpool's 4.0 cubic feet washer (with dryer) to be reasonably priced and assembled here. We also liked a similar Samsung set but it is not made here. My 15 year old son, who does his own laundry now, loved it! Considering they only last 8 to 10 years these days if you are lucky, my dear hubby does not want
  8. Hi. Getting used to the new forum look. Good thing all our friends are still here! I could use your advice...I need a new washer and dryer. Mine is worn out from washing big quilts. Any recommendation that can handle queen size quilts well? Thanks!
  9. Any sources for embroidery stabilizers at wholesale? Thanks,
  10. Is this the same for the smaller FanClam when doing the Fans? I see only one drilled hole. Love it! Thanks, Lisa
  11. I agree. NH was cozy and welcoming, with lots of places to find friends. Even though it was a bit tight, the crowded spaces made it exciting and fun! I miss what the show called the "MQX Experience"...maybe they will find a better place for the future. There was a lot to love at NH. Sounds like only 5 or 6 APQS chatters went...could that be true?
  12. Bummer, Linda. One of the most fun things about that show is seeing our chat friends. I did not make it up this year, but it sounds like it was a very small group from APQS. Hope it picks up next year!
  13. Just found this.....Happy Birthday Bonnie!! Glad you had a nice day of it.
  14. Have fun every one! Keep us posted on the latest and greatest...send pictures!!!
  15. Hi Jen. I have seen them used for between $400 and $500. I tested one that had a near-dead controll board. Almost bought it but learned it was a repair that would be either $125 or $400. I passed. Make sure you can test drive it with fabric! Good luck!
  16. Treat it like a customer quilt. Take the opinions and then it is quilter's choice. Or since you are getting along better, sit over coffee (?) and discuss it. Tell you you enjoy the new relationship and have a slightly different vision for the quilt, show pictures and see if you get closer from all this. Keep the emotion out and just talk quilt. Or do what she wants and forget all about it. Move on to your next quilt! Isn't family fun!!! Good luck. It is not easy. Customers are so much more understanding, co-operative, appreciative, and they pay you!
  17. A Circle Lord Ginko would be pretty in the circles, maybe small clamshells or sashiko designs in the rectangles.
  18. Hi Connie. You have certainly earned a vacation already! Glad they have you to keep calm and carry on...take care. One step at a time.
  19. Hi. Some of you know our friend, Connie in Virginia Beach and may have seen the horrible Navy plane crash there yesterday on the news. She is an APQS rep. and wonderful friend on the forum. I contacted her last night to see if she was OK...good news she is well and busy helping with the emergency response. Luckily no one was badly injured in the accident. Hang in there Connie!
  20. Hi Everyone. I am not planning on going but hope every one has fun! (Though, if I can sneak away, I might drive up for a day to have lunch with you all!)