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  1. So many of you responded about putting in the bloopers that I spent a little extra time on them. The DVD is officially done and "in the can". You'll get to see Myrna at her best and at her worst. I laugh everytime I watch those bloopers, and I'm the one who taped them. I think Creating Spaces is a great DVD (Over 2 hours of really good stuff) and I hope you enjoy it as well as the bloopers.
  2. Okay!!!! The voting seems to be pretty one sided so I guess I'll start working on the blooper/outtakes chapter today. I think Jeanne and I will go buy some material today also so Jeanne can piece these together and we can get working on ours. I will post photos when I get it done. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Finally, I'm about to wrap up another DVD from Myrna. I hope to have it ready for Myrna to have it available to sell within the next few weeks. This one was so fun to do. It's called Creating Spaces and in it Myrna takes a small quilt, about wall hanging size, which has several large blank spaces and she creates many smaller spaces and then shows myriads of ways to fill them in to create a really fun end product. Even though I'm a video producer, not a quilter, taping this and then editing it makes me want to try one myself. My wife, Jeanne, is piecing together a couple for herself and I asked her to put a couple together for me to experiment with. I can't wait. But, the reason I am posting on here is I need your help on finishing the DVD. I need to know if you want me to put a couple of minutes of outtakes and/or bloopers on the DVD. Even though it will take me some additional time for searching and editing I'm willing to do it if enough of you want me to. Let me know if you want: Only the funny ones (Bloopers) Only the mistakes (Outtakes) Both None If enough of you want it I will add it. It will be under a separate menu item so you can chose to watch it or not. I look forward to hearing from you on this.
  4. A lot of you visited my blog to see how I did the cover photo so I thought I\'d let you know that I posted the last of that series today. Working with Myrna and her videos is a lot of fun, we have plans for more down the road so stay tuned. Click below to get to the final installment of the series and then you can just click on the banner with my blog title and it will take you to the full blog so you can read the rest of the installments. Please feel free to leave comments here or on my blog. Scott The World\'s Best Blog
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments on the DVD cover. There\'s lots more coming on the blog about the process. But the really important thing is that . . If you loved the cover, wait til you see the movie:D. The World\'s Best Blog
  6. I\'ve still got a little cleaning up on Myrna\'s newest DVD, Fowlproof Feathers. Then I\'ll get it to her for final check. This will be two full disks of intense feathers. It even makes me want to try them myself. Jeanne loves it! I also had a lot of fun creating the cover photo for it. If you\'d like to see a little about that I will be posting the process, and problems , all this week on my blog. Just click here to go to The World\'s Best Blog. The first post of the series was posted June 2, 2008. Blog posts are shown sequentially with the latest one on top. If you don\'t see it right away, go to the column on the right side and scroll down until you see a section called "Labels". Find the one that says "Myrna\'s DVD Cover" and click on that. Please feel free to leave comments and tell your friends or even link to it. It\'s mostly just the ramblings of an old man, but once in a while I\'ll get a little giggle in there.
  7. Jeanne will be there, and I might make it on Thursday. I\'ve got your new Freehand Designs DVD final produced and ready and will get it in the mail to you early next week in case you have the opportunity to preview it to some of your classes at the show. It is my goal to have your other new DVD, Fowlproof Feathers, ready by then, at least in first draft stage. Let\'s cross our fingers. Hope to be able to get there and see you. Scott
  8. As has been mentioned several times, stars are not always that easy. getting those points AND following with straight lines is very tricky. You nailed it! Clearly a quilt you can be very proud of. I'm really glad that Myrna's video was a great help to you.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!! Well deserved. Of course you would get our vote. Scott & Jeanne
  10. Since I saw my first Baptist Fans I thought how cool they are, so when I was working with Myrna to make the DVD and saw how easy she made it look I had to try it. You know how it always looks so easy when they do it on TV, well the way Myrna teaches it step by step it is so easy even I could do it. Myrna gives you so many very important little tips (Like "Wiping out the cookie dough") that it really works just like "As seen on TV". Take a look at the pictures I posted again, and look at the close up. The one in the upper right corner of that quilt was the first Baptist Fan I ever did in my whole life. AAMOF That entire quilt was the very first thing I ever did using the Hartley Fence, and only the second quilt I ever did. No practice, No muslin sandwiches, Nothing. I hoped since it was a humanitarian quilt, whoever got it would be too happy to get it to be very critical so I just went for it. The HF and the DVD made it so fun I had a hard time letting the quilt go. Call Myrna or APQS and order the Hartley Fence and Myrna's DVD and start having fun. Scott
  11. Connie, and others who are not using the HF: If you haven't seen my posting and pics at http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=5715 you may want to take a look. If a first timer (and a male first timer no less) can turn out a fairly decent Humanitarian Quilt after watching and learning from Myrna, imagine what you can do with your experience and talent. Scott P.S. Jeanne and I will be with Myrna most of next week taping for new DVDs that will be out in just a couple months or so. Watch for them.
  12. Thank you for your kind words and for not looking too closely. I really learned a lot doing that quilt, and I'm excited to try some more with cross hatching and eventually using some of the stencils. I don't have the stencil attachment yet. Tish, As to the discussion about which side of the machine the fence is on; I used it on both. I had to when I had it turned sideways. I found it was just as easy to use on either side. Laurie, I am visual too. I don't think I'd have tackled it without the DVD. I referred to the book, (On the DVD you'll see the page numbers from the workbook as she taught different parts) but it was the visual action on the DVD that really showed me what I needed to know. Sewsew, I don't own a CQ so I can't speak authoritatively, but I would say the more work you do without the CQ the more you'd use the Hartley Fence. Somebody asked if the DVD shows how to put the Hartley Fence on. The answer is "yes". Myrna starts with telling you which parts are what and makes it so simple and easy even I could do it. She gives excellent detailed instructions and then adds lots of little tips and hints you'll love. Oh and it even has a blooper reel that gives you good hints.
  13. Here's a close up. Far from perfect. Check back in a couple of years when I really learn how to quilt;)
  14. I am totally pumped. A couple months ago I got to work with Myrna Ficken and we produced her first DVD. Myrna is an outstanding quilter and teacher of quilting. She has written a workbook on how to use the amazing Hartley Fence and so she decided to do her first DVD on the same subject. After watching her and preparing the DVD for production, I thought it looked so interesting and I learned so much that I had to try it. When a lady from our church asked my wife to quilt two bed sheets together with batting in the middle for a humanitarian project she is running I thought this might be a perfect chance to try out our Hartley Fence. The bottom line is I love it. I am going to try to attach some pictures to show you what I did with it. I did everything but the binding, my wife did that. Oh, by the way, I?m a videographer, not a quilter. My wife bought her machine in October 2006 and even she is still in the early stages of her learning. I?ve never even sewn on a button let alone made a quilt. - I will admit that I have played with her machine a little and quilted a quilt that she had pieced for our grandson for Christmas, but it was all freehand and I would not have let anyone have it except a child who doesn?t care about the quality of the quilting. I couldn?t believe that I was able to make something like this and I certainly couldn?t have done it (or wouldn?t even have dared try) without what I learned from Myrna?s DVD. Her workbook is great, but there is nothing like watching her in action on a TV screen as she does it. Besides the detailed ?how to? she gives so many great hints and ideas that I just can?t wait to try another one and try several other things that she shows. I don?t know when she will have it available to the public, but if you have a Hartley Fence or are thinking of getting one I recommend you get in touch with her. Just so you don?t think this is a sales job, I don?t profit one red cent whether she sells one or a million of these DVDs. I just loved making the quilt after learning what I did while making and watching the DVD and I had to share it.
  15. There are always several ways to do things. In this case the easy way is get ahold of Myrna and order the Hartley Clamp Supports as has been mentioned. I, on the other hand like to do things the fun way. I went to Home Depot and bought some 1 1/2" pvc pipe and glue and made my own. Remember - measure twice and cut once. I did it the opposite way. :mad: P.S. I would sure love it if someone would tell me why my image will not show up in the post. What am I not doing???
  16. Das ist zehr gut! Danke Schoen! Okay I probably spelled every one of those wrong especially since I don't have an umlat (SP?). Beautiful job. Scott
  17. We've had both videos for several weeks now and watched them a few times. We have really enjoyed both of them as they each had something different and of value to watch. Technically both videos were very well done. Each had a couple little glitches, but they were totally inconsequential. The important things were that they were well lit, good clear audio, sharp video and that the instructors, Linda and Pam, both did a good job of putting across their points. Both are good teachers. Neither of the videos were what I would call inexpensive. I could have bought two or three current Hollywood blockbusters for the money I paid for each of these. The obvious difference is that I will watch the Hollywood videos for entertainment, but we will watch these quilting videos to be taught, and to provide a better product to our clientele and ourselves. Steven Covey, who wrote the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People lists one of those habits as Sharpening the Ax, and talks about how important it is to take time out from chopping wood to sharpen the ax and that means going to the classes, watching the videos and PPP. With good teaching videos like these, we can pause, rewind, slow motion and replay to our hearts content to get each important point, then PPP and go back and do it again. For anybody who wants to take their skills to the next level I would say get the classes and then make sure you get the video, and if you can't get the classes get the video anyway. Or get the video first, then take the classes and you'll really know what to ask when you've got the live teacher. Aren't we lucky to have the resources available that we have today?!?!?!?!? Scott
  18. There are many very good books out there also. Even after you've had the classes and "mini-lessons" it is sometimes really good to have a book to reference back to. Start at your library and/or quilt shop. If you find one you really like buy it and keep it handy where you can grab it when you have questions.
  19. I really think with the separation of the center part and the borders that using the BF in the center and those nice large chain link on the borders was a nice touch. Way to go! Scott
  20. Andriko Switzerland is perhaps the most scenically beautiful country we've every visited. Maybe when you start teaching some classes we can get over there again on a tax deductable education tour Meanwhile, we'll be PPPing, getting to the classes we can and watching the DVDs over here in the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Scott and Jeanne
  21. As I mentioned in my post above I suspected it was just quilting in your PJs, but I wanted to confirm it. We decided to start with just two DVDs and I ordered them last night. One was Linda Taylor's Fancy Feather Frenzy 2. There wasn't a FFF 1 but this one says it is for beginners too, so I hope it is not too advanced. The second was Pam Clarke"s Borderlines Video. We ordered them both from Columbia River Quilting and can't wait to get them. I own a small Video production business and so I'll give you an in depth critique on both video's after we have watched them. Of course the most important thing will be do we learn more than our money's worth from watching them. Stay tuned :cool: Scott
  22. Why is it called "pajama quilting"? Scott
  23. Yes we got a DVD with the machine and it has been invaluable. I don't know what we would have done without it. I took (name removed)'s advice and went to Columbia River's web site and Jeanne picked out some video's that looked good to her. I thought I'd check with the people on this forum for feedback on them. Have any of you watched any of these videos and if so how would you rate them for a newbie? ____________________________________________ Pajama Quilter for Newbies, by Dawn Ramirez (I'm assuming you quilt in your pajamas and this is not a how to on making "pajama quilts"???) Background Frenzy by Pam Clarke Fancy Feather Frenzy 2 by Linda Taylor Borderlines Video by Pam Clarke ____________________________________________ Thanks! We look forward to your thoughts. Scott and Jeanne
  24. Thanks to all for the responses. Great news! The local dealer finally got back with us and we are set up for the beginners' class. I think they have been going through a major remodel and lots of stuff got set on back burners. Our timing was just off. We hear that Myrna's classes are phenominal and even though she is about 300 miles away we are going to try to make arrangements to get a class from her, and we will go to the HMQS show in SLC (Salt Lake City) in April. (We notice that APQS has no sponsorship or classes etc. there, but there appears to be lots of good stuff, so we shall see.) We ordered some needles and a few other items from Dan at Columbia River and will check his site. I still plan to try to get some good DVDs and we do have Linda Taylor's book mentioned by Linda in Ramona above. That has been very helpful so far and we refer to it often. I'm still looking for recommendations on DVDs though. I can't wait to change my mood from "Overwhelmed but happy" to "Da__ we're good":D
  25. My wife has been piecing beautiful quilt tops for years but is brand new to the world of LA quilting. I want to help her but there are few opportunities for classes that I can find in our area. (We can't even seem to get the free new owners class within a hundred miles of Salt Lake City.) (Update below - we have it scheduled now) I would like to get her a DVD or two or three. If you had a best friend or family member trying to learn how to quilt on her new APQS Millenium and could only give her one DVD which one would you give her and why? (OBTW, where would you get it?) Thanx Scott