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  1. My personal Dinner Plate Dahlia is off the long arm. I don’t have a computer on my long arm so this was all hand guided. I am thrilled with the finished quilt
  2. This is the second of three Dinner Plate Dahlia’s that I have quilted. This one I tried to keep the quilting contemporary. There is no feathering on this quilt. Unlike the Summer in Cabo quilt with many thread changes. This quilt I only used the one color of thread. It was a blue/grey and perfect for this quilt. Again, there is about 56 hours into the quilting.
  3. Finished the first of Three Dinner Plate Dahlia’s. This color way is called “Summer in Cabo”. Although it takes almost 56 hours to quilt they are amazing. I don’t have a computer on my Millie so they are hand guided Enjoy the photos. I will post the second of the three in another post.
  4. It has been a long time since my last post to this forum. Life has been crazy to say the least. After 15 years of taking up my dinning room Ms, Molly has been moved. I have relocated the long arm business into building on main st in our town. The new Studio is large wonderful! It was the best move ever. Now on a personal note, our first grand child was born 2 weeks ago. Aurora Mae, came very quickly into this world, they almost didn't make it to the hospital. She is the prettiest baby ever I will try and post more often, I miss my APQS friends.
  5. It looks great! I have the pattern for this quilt. But, I am putting off making it. LOL
  6. I have been so busy, as I said before. Yes I am teaching at New England Quilt Festival and yes my class is "Sold Out". I am thrilled beyond words. I have taken 2 best in show awards with my quilt call, "Geisha Moon". I'm having a little hick up with my health. But, that will soon be resolved in April. My, "General Wives" BOM quilt is on the long arm and might end up being my county fair entry. I have started to paper piece and LOVE IT! Not sure why I waited so long to give it a try? Enough about me. I hope you all have been well. I promise not to let so much time pass between my post
  7. It has been a while since my last post. Things have been so busy for me this past year and my 2013 calender is filling fast. Hope all is well with everyone. Penny
  8. My quilt, "Geisha Moon" took 1st in it's category and "Best in Show" at our county fair. After entering quilt for 15 years, this is my 1st best in show win. I left my comfort zone and used Asian prints and put over 10,000 crystals on this quilt. I am still in shock
  9. Thank-you, it is a WIP and I have a deadline for this one lol (ya Right) Going to do my best to meet it.
  10. Life has been so busy. I have been teaching locally and I have been the hostess to two, "Jelly Roll Challenges" and have planned a third. But, I am the most excited about my current project. I have named it, "Geisha Moon". I've uploaded some photos if you would like to see it. It still has a ways to go and I have I have all those crystals to apply. Our county fair is the last week of July and I really hope to finish it by then. Crossing my fingers that I get it done.
  11. I am SOOO EXCITED!!!, My quilt, "Churned Again" has been accepted at the Machine Quilters Expo! Randy and I plan on going.
  12. So happy for you Linda, this quilt is amazing.
  13. nope not a grandbaby yet Depending on if your a horse lover or not, it's just as exciting. My current mount, Bear, is turning 23 this year and I could tell he was ready to start slowing down. SO, after shedding many tears and over coming some fears. I found him a wonderful home to live out the rest of his retirement years and I started shopping for a new horse. I was lucky enough to find this lovely Tennessee Walking Horse named Shadow, but from now on will be called Koal. He is taller than Bear and this is my first gaited horse. I have a lot to learn, but I am excited and nervous wi
  14. Thank you everyone, I am very proud of the way that quilt turned out. There are a few things I would have done different, but that happens with a lot of my quilts. I am so excited that it is going to be judged. I can't wait to see what their comments will be.
  15. My quilt, "Floral Applique" is going on a road trip to the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show. The show is March 14-17, 20012 I am more than excited! The kids laughed at me yesterday when the letter came. I did an end zone touchdown dance. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  16. My dad passed away six years ago and my mom missed him so much. But at 1:45 today they were reunited. Mom has suffered from COPD for the past 2 years and today her suffering ended. It was peaceful and I was able to be there to hold her hand.
  17. Please continue to up date us. Taylor and your entire family are in my prayers. God bless her for having to go through and God be with you, it is soooo hard as a MOM to watch your child be this sick. Try to rest when you can, and let people help when they offer. Primary care givers are under so much stress that it wares the body down quickly. Take care
  18. Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and encouragement. I am feeling better. Hugs to you all Penny
  19. Thank you so much everyone for your prayers and encouragement. I am feeling better. Hugs to you all Penny I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. I feel a little weak but that will go a way with a good nights sleep. The TIA happened while I was at Physical Therapy. Passed out and hit the floor. Two ambulance rides later, a Ct scan, MRI, Echo of my heart and I don't remember what else we have been told I had a TIA. AKA a mini stroke. They kept me for a few days, put me a lot of new meds and I was allowed to go home yesterday. The TIA made my right side feel like it was
  20. I am planning on going again this year. I have 2 classes I would love to take, but they are 2 days apart. So, I either have to find a class to fill some time in between or, just take one class and make it an over night trip. It's going to depend on the pocketbook.
  21. Small world, we live on Otis too in the early 80's My husband was in the Coast Guard and worked out of Wood's Hole. We love the area.