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  1. OUR NEW SITE IS LIVE!!! AND PRE SALES FOR THE NEW LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION OF TRAINING VIDEOS STARTS....NOW! Just go to www.pattenthatquilt.com can I get a little yeeee haaaa!!! Im just a little excited:D
  2. How could you not go to MQS?!?! I love it there! We will have a booth and I will be teaching classes and sharing good times with old and new friends... See you there!
  3. I should know by the end of the day all the important stuff... like price, shipping dates and when the launch of the site will go live! Then the Limited Edition Disk will be on our site to own... www.pattenthatquilt.com All our US orders will be shipped from Wyoming so the delivery will be State to State and less of a cost. All our Canadian orders will be shipped from Ontario so they will be Province to Province, less cost, no broker charges! I'll let you know as soon as I know:)
  4. Good morning everyone.... I just wanted to share my new Blog with you all. Check it out... share it with a friend... and please let me know what you think. I am just loving this new blog world. I get to share information... post lots of pictures and stay in touch with all my quilting friends!! I have so many cool things happening this year and I want to share the ups, the downs, and everything along the way.... Training videos! New Fabric Line! New Products! New Shows! New Journeys!!! Grab a cup of coffee and a steaming hot plate of brownies and come see my blog spot. http://suepatteninspire
  5. Hi Everyone I have not been on the chat for what seems like forever.... I couldn't remember my pass word:D anyways I managed to figure that out and managed to get into my profile to try and up date it but I can not figure out how to get a picture back under my name. The help info sadly did not help, can someone explain it to me... nice and slow :cool: Thanks
  6. THAT'S AWESOME, I'll be there teaching so I'll look for them to see how they do.... will you be at show? I am hoping to have a booth there as well so come by and say hi. The booth will be listed as Patten That Quilt, we are just waiting to see if they have a space for us. Good Luck with your quilt:cool:
  7. You have to see this up close and personal!!! It is even more stunning then the photo... JoAnn what we all want to know is when will you be offer classes to share all your awesome talent with the world... JoAnn lives in God Country, and has a wonderful bunk house that would be AWESOME for classes... She would be a great teacher, maybe if we all give her a little push we'll start seeing her name appear on the teaching lists for MQS, MQX, Innovations... OK I don't want to be pushy LOL See ya soon JoAnn;)
  8. Bring this forward with edited new price of $6,000.00 US dollars
  9. JoAnn was featured in the QNN Newletter this month with her AWESOME SILK quilt... check it out at www.QNNTV.com It would be awesome if JoAnn could post a picture of the quilt here for everyone to see... hint hint hint....
  10. Just to let everyone know we now have a page on our web site for used machines in Canada and in the US as well. If you would like to add your machine to the list or you are looking for a good used machine check it out. For more details email Jon at canadianquilterschoice@yahoo.com We will be adding more machines to the page this week end... so check back often.
  11. Hay Tina Hope all is well Send me an email at canadianquilterschoice@yahoo.com if you give Jon all the machine info in your email we will post it on our used machines page on our web site. We are going to be listing both US and Canadian used machine there and we'll be happy to help you sell her.
  12. My new stencils are now available... I think there is 58 in total with more to come... to check it out go to http://www.quiltingcreations.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Sue+Patten&x=0&y=0 let me know what you think:cool: The new ones start on the middle of page three.
  13. Hay Garmmie Tammie long time no see... how are you doing??? I missed you at MQS this year!!! I am doing well, at home working in the studio and enjoying the kids!!! Check out my new site and let me know what you think, we are adding a used machines in Canada page for all my ladies up this way selling and buying machines. We hope to have the page up by the beginning of next week. Chat with you soon....
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