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  1. Sheri - do you still sell the ruler foot for Ult II? Please respond to me at juliagraves82@gmail.com. Thx.
  2. Sheri - do you still sell the ruler foot for Ult II?  Please let me know at juliagraves82@gmail.com


    1. Sheri Butler

      Sheri Butler

      Yes!  Email me at 1sheributler@gmail.com

    2. Sheri Butler

      Sheri Butler

      Sorry I don’t log on forum much these days.  

  3. I have my own spreadsheet that I created (a lot of work), so can't weigh in on pros/cons, but if you're looking for a way to have customers pay via credit card, I have a free Square account which allows me to take credit cards (Square makes their money from the approximately 3% they charge me). Square allows you to create a free online store and create online links. So for example, someone sends me a quilt. I don't send it back until I get payment. In the past, they had to write a check and I would wait for it to arrive, then mail the quilt back. Now I can create an online link for the correct amount (or have them fill in the amount) and I get paid much faster. I give people the option of paying via check, cash or credit card, but I add in the 3% for the credit card, and they pick what they want. Square doesn't directly tie into my spreadsheet, but it's free. Big plus in my book!
  4. I may be able to offer a limited warranty. Please contact me at juliagraves82@gmail.com to discuss more details. However, the machine will only be available if my current buyer falls through.
  5. I am an APQS dealer and am upgrading to the newest model, so am selling my 2014 Millie, which has only been used by me and has been expertly maintained by an APQS factory-trained technician. To get all this new would cost almost $26,000; I’m selling for $13,950 2014 Millenium (New Generation White, top of the line) comes with: · Bliss – feels like you’re quilting on air! · Quilt Glide – great for smooth stitching · Power Fabric Advance – the touch of a foot pedal advances your quilt · L bobbin – best choice for best tension · 14’ Deluxe table (2005 model) · Optional custom-made overhead lighting ($400) Other extras include: · Turbo bobbin winder · Zippers already attached to leaders & 2 sets of quilt zippers (for easy loading and unloading of the quilt) · Interchangeable hopping feet (open toe high profile, open toe low profile, and closed toe low profile) · Base expander for ruler work · Original shipping box for machine head · Manual · Operations dvd · Several pantographs · 10 needles · 10 bobbins · Several cones of thread · Free attendance at any of my APQS Beginner Classes in Leesburg VA Standard Millenium features include: · Stitch regulator · Low bobbin indicator · Top thread break sensor · Automatic needle positioner · Thread cutter · Single stitch button · Laser light · Black light · Electronic horizontal/vertical channel locks Add the Quilt Path computerized quilting system for $9500 plus tax and shipping. I am located in Leesburg Virginia (near Washington D.C.) and can offer APQS factory-trained disassembly, transportation and reassembly for an additional charge, depending on distance. I also do service and repairs and longarm classes, including private lessons at your location. Contact me at juliagraves82@gmail.com ASKING PRICE: $13,950 Would cost $25,778 new. A savings of $11,828! COSTS IF NEW $18,900 Machine with deluxe table $ 1,000 Bliss $ 1,250 Quilt Glide $ 1,350 Power Fabric Advance $ 170 Base Expander $ 299 Interchangeable feet $ 100 Zippers $24,319 Plus Shipping ($450) and 6% sales tax ($1,459) for a total of $25,778 Yours for only $13,950!
  6. I have had a profitable longarm business for 10 years. There are many benefits to having a business - a lot of expenses that you would have had any way due to quilting being your hobby, will now become business expenses, offsetting your income. I agree that there is lots of business out there, especially for people that do quality work with a reasonable turn around. Good luck!
  7. I'm contemplating a 6000 mile, coast to coast road trip with my husband in a passenger car, and want to do some machine piecing in the car while my husband drives. Has anyone successfully done this? Note - this is in a car, not an RV. I found several battery powered machines that looked like they might work. One weighs less than 2 pounds, one less than 5 pounds. I'm thinking I could set up a little table across my lap with the machine on it and do simple piecing. Am I crazy? My son thinks I will sew my finger if we hit a bump in the road. I think of 90+ hours in the car and think of all the quilt tops I could make... Julia
  8. Pick something that is easy to spell (says the lady who picked Special Occasion Quilts - no one can spell Occasion - good thing the bank will take checks made out to SOQ!). Also check what a short name or acronym will be and whether the website name and email name are available. I thought my business name was cool because it was SO (sew) quilts. My sister hated it because she thought people would think so-so quilts. It's like the Chevy Nova - is spanish it means "no go" - not the best name! Think about the heart of your business and what makes it special to you. That's the best name. Julia
  9. I was ready to buy a Gammill (there was no APQS rep nearby 3 years ago, but I had seen Gammills at shows) and called a friend who had a Gammill. She loved having a longarm, but was very disappointed in the "pokies" - she couldn't get the thread to not show on the other side. The Gammill user manual stated that the solution to this was to use the same thread top and bottom. Gammill's also can't use more delicate threads like Rainbows or metallics, which is why Superior Thread came out with Lava - a really strong thread that will withstand the pressure the Gammills put on. I took 2 days of classes using a Gammill recently, and found the pokies and thread to still be an issue. Julia
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