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  1. I have a CQ and I do mostly edge to edge quilts .There are some e2e designs that have more quilting on it and it takes more time and uses a lot more thread . Any suggestions ? Arby
  2. I have a friend that has used my Millie before . She catches on quick and has quilted at least three quilts on my machine . I made a deal right before Christmas , I was needing some two quilts bound and I told her that I would let her do her quilts on my machine or would do them for her . I think I owe her about 25 cents per inch for the binding. I'm stumped as to how much to charge her . I normally charge by the square inch . I think she'd rather get charged by the hour . Any ideas or suggestions out there ? Arby
  3. I think I was having a similar problem yesterday and my little voice told me it was because it\'s so dry, so I decided to bring my humidifier into the same room that my longarm is in and my problem was solved ! Arby
  4. A customer is bringing me a quilt and wants cotton thread on her quilt . I use superior threads and the only cotton thread that they sell for the long arm is king tut . I know that masterpiece is cotton but I use it for piecing . Please advise
  5. Dear Grammie, I know you said that you were not using the cq but quilt recipes has some really neat designs motifs like eagles, flags etc. that would be great on that quilt. I just did a patriotic quilt with a design called starry nights 2 and it looked terrific . I know you\'ll do a great job .
  6. I am in charge of raffles in our guild and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for raffle items . Usually we have some fat qtrs maybe a quilting book other quilt related items etc. Last month we had quiltshop quality fat qtrs in a cute snowman bucket with a frame that had some snowmen on it and a snowman ornament . I would appreciate any and all ideas . THANKS in advance !!!!!
  7. I can\'t remember exactly how long it takes a baby to regulate their body temperature but I think its about 24 hours. That\'s why they put them in the incubator .
  8. Thank you for helping me resolve my problem with the pattern start and pattern end. IT WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!
  9. someone please help me ! I have a fat feather border i'm trying to sew and I know i'm doing something wrong but I can't figure what it is I'm doing wrong . I did two other ones already . the first one was about an inch too short and the second one was about a quarter inch too long. I'm using pattern start and pattern end and it doesnt start or end where you mark it . It is very confusing to me . I've been working on this since about one oclock today,it's almost eight PM . I had hoped to finish this quilt at least by Friday but at this rate it might be a year or two . I probably won't sleep good tonight i'm so upset.:(:(
  10. How often do I have to post so I don't get bumped off the list ? I posted not to long ago . Like a week or two ago. Any way It says on the top that I've never been active Arby
  11. Try Debra Geissler .com . She sells patterns for the CQ , etc and I think she also sells paper pantos . I know she has a couple of baseball ones that I like . Arby
  12. Do people with computerized systems go to take classes and is it to late to sign up ?
  13. I too am thankful for a kind wise Heavenly Father , family, friends , freedom of religon , free country , good health three meals or more a day and the list goes on . Arby
  14. Does any one know if you have to buy a certain amount of Warm & natural if you buy wholesale or can you buy just one roll ? Arby
  15. i am trying to copy this..... how big are the squares for the leaves?