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  1. Love the bamboo sashing, Dell! Looks like you've got quite the panto stash back there behind the quilt!
  2. What a cute photo! How come all of your grandchildren wear sailors outfits -- do you have a sailor in your family, Dell?
  3. Bumping to the top, so Joanne can see silk thread example on the sashing.
  4. I just finished a quilt using two colors of Superior's silk thread with Bottom Line pre-wounds. It was no trouble at all. I posted photos on post called 'Japanese Guest Quilt' which I will bump to the top, so you can see it. Go for it!
  5. That is the exact tree that I am doing, Bobbi! Thanks for the ideas everyone! I'll look at more ideas if anyone has any.
  6. Wow! Are you ever good at simulating wood or what? Nice job!
  7. It warms my heart to see the friendships that blossom from this forum, and to see unposed photos of us.
  8. I have a tree of life quilt to do --any one have ideas for the tree trunks? TIA!
  9. I used Floriani red, gold and silver metallic, plus Bottom Line black, with pre-wounds to match. Thank you all for your help and support on this -- especially you, Laura! Have you completed yours yet?
  10. I realized as I was quilting the feathers how much control I had and figured out it was because I could see so well due to the silver metallic on black fabric. Makes me think I should invest in better lighting.
  11. I created the large star arms with Floriani red and metallic silver thread. This was fun to do -- I've never had a quilt with so much open space to play with.
  12. First time thru with the geese, I just added the circle, but it looked funny, so I went back and added the leaf over it -- completely different look and was easy to do.
  13. I just got a few lap quilts in with a similar piecing pattern -- the swirls look like a great idea!
  14. Well, it is my turn to get a storage setup in my long arm room! We've been doing a kitchen remodel and I corralled one of the guys to make me a batting holder, plus filling out the rest of the wall with drawers and shelving for all my LA stuff. The wall is 150" long. I've been going thru old posts looking for ideas. Does anyone happen to have a master list of everything a long armer would need to store??? Just checking. The reason I finally broke down and am getting a batting holder made is because one of my foster dogs decided a roll of batting standing on end, looked a lot like a
  15. It is absolutely gorgeous, Lyn. You have a gifted eye for pattern and color!
  16. Oh Dell, you lucky girl! I know you put the time and dedication in, to deserve your new facilities. Congratulations on both the Building and your passion!
  17. Sheila, I normally use one color of thread that matches the backing on the entire quilt. But, lately I have begun matching the bobbin thread to the top thread, because the stitching looks better on the top side of the quilt. In this quilt, I used several different top and bobbin colors. I have changed how I view the back of quilts -- I like seeing the quilting on the back with contrasting threads, and think it gives the quilt a more handmade look. This works for my particular style of custom quilting. I wouldn't do it for a panto or simple quilt, unless requested. Thanks everyone for
  18. Julie, It took me a few trys to realize that I had to re-enter my password toward the top of the 'Edit Profile' section, before changing the number of posts to 300, and then saving. Thanks, Linda, it works now!
  19. I haven't been able to see page 2 of posts on the Japanese Guest Quilt, no matter what I try -- any suggestions?
  20. I just bought the pattern -- thanks for the inspiration, Linda!
  21. Corey, I love how your freeform quilting captures the mood of the applique'. Nice job!!!