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  1. Yes, that is fine to do, Terri. Pay attention to straightening any unquilted fabric, top and bottom, after rolling and prior to quilting.
  2. Lovely quilting, Bonnie! I especially like the fern-like feathering you did in the margins between baskets.
  3. I agree with everything Gretchen said. I was surprised and disappointed by how thin, dense and flat the 70/30 is -- it might as well be the QD Poly; I expected more loft; I should probably ask them, but I don't understand why it is so dense, almost like cardboard. Perhaps it changes in the wash. The only thing to add is that my customers absolutely love the Green -- it is very soft and somewhat thick, but not too dense.
  4. Really nice job, Kathy. Your quilting signature is so calm, it feels calming just to look at it.
  5. Does any one know why the spiro attachment is no longer found on the QZ website? A friend is considering buying a used QZ with spiro, so I wanted to know how much the price new is, and it is no longer there. Questions: For those of you that did buy the spiro attachment new, how much was it? Second, is there something wrong with it -- is that why it is no longer offered on their website? TIA
  6. Bonnie, Here are some simple ideas that I did on a basket quilt. Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous, by the way!
  7. With the Bliss track system, I use a small straight ruler and turn the stitch regulator off, then go very slow.
  8. There is a long arm quilter in our area that does all of the quilting for the LQS, and she gets all of the money -- the benefit to the quilt store is it brings customers to the store.
  9. What a special quilt! Your daughter is going to be one lucky girl!
  10. Sandra, Thank you for reaching out to us for support. You have my prayers. Joan
  11. Thanks for all of the great information-- I knew you guys would come through. I will pass the info on to my friend.
  12. Do any of you use the Circle Lord or Quiltazoid without the stitch regulator on? I have a friend with an Ultimate 1 and no stitch regulator who has the money to buy either a CL or QZ, if it works with her machine. Didn't I hear a while back that you can buy stitch regulators for the Ult 1? Thanks for your help.
  13. I used Red Pebble Web Design. I have been completely satisfied. It might be helpful to contact 2 or 3 web dssigners and explain what you are looking for. They will point you in the right direction. Good luck!
  14. I was just looking at that feather curl myself, and decided I needed more practice before tacklong it on a quilt. You must practice a lot, Libby; your quilting lines are always intentional. I do like how the feathers come into the corner, too, and that you allowed the zig zag to stand out above the feathers. Wonderful job, as usual!!
  15. I forgot to check the other weights of thread --I only checked #50 wt. Thanks for the tip. Some of my friends didn't think Omni ran very well in their machine; what kind of machine do you have?
  16. Whatever happened to the rumor I heard awhile back that So Fine thread was going to be offered in variegated colors? I don 't see any on superior threads website. I have just started using the solids as a staple thread and love it. What are the main threads you guys are using? I have also discovered a great wholesale source for thread and batting in Minnesota called Country Loft Quilt and Design. Shipping is so much cheaper when you buy local.
  17. Wow, Michelle, I'm impressed with your quilting -- looks like you must love it to do such a nice job!
  18. I discovered yesterday that I was able to easily post a photo on my ipad to the forum. I haven't been reading the forum lately -- have the photo glitches been worked out or do we still need to use an auxillary photo shop sometimes?
  19. QUILTING SUPPLIES & BOOKS FOR SALE -- UPDATED 2/16/13 Contact: Joan at PayPal Available All ITEMS $5.00 Each--10% Discount for Orders over $20 SUPPLIES: SOLD-Off The Edge Quilting Stitch-in-the-Ditch Guide, new condition SOLD-Gadget Girls Stitch Guide, 2003, good condition SOLD-Gadget Girls Little Circles Template, 2003, includes 2.5", 2", 1.5" & 1", good condition -Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Ruler, makes 1.5"x3" & 3"x6" geese, good condition -Omnigrid 12.5" x 12.5", used with scratches & slightly rounded corners -Omnigrid 6"x6",