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  1. Those are darling, Annie! What kind of embroidery did you do? Can't tell if it is a machine or hand?
  2. It sounds like you should call Amy in the APQS Service Department tomorrow, Naomi.
  3. I have a friend who is REALLY into Halloween, so when we did a group exchange of Buckeye Beauty blocks, she chose Halloween fabrics. As you can see, from a distance the quilt looks somewhat classic, but up close it is fun Halloween fabrics. Any suggestions for easy to medium custom, or even a really great panto? Thanks! Halloween by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr HalloweenCloseup by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr
  4. I am fine with the new Forum format, and appreciate all of the new options available. I feel conflicted about whether or not to post photos of my work, since I am one of the veterans who has been long arming for 10 years. I still learn something new every day on the Forum. And, just because I've been quilting a long time doesn't mean I don't need support and want critique. To be honest, I feel very close to the people that post on this Forum -- they are some of the only people I know who 'get' what I have to say about quilting. I know this Forum has a reputation of having highly skilled q
  5. Paw tracks it is! Thank you everyone. I'll post when done.
  6. Just finished piecing 2 of these dog quilts for my dog rescue group's fundraiser next fall. Does anyone have overall dog-theme ideas, besides bones? Thanks! Goldzilla2013Quilt by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr
  7. Really well done quilt! Wish I could see it in person to get a closer look at the baskets.
  8. Thank you for the lonk to the pattern, Cindy! It makes a non-applique person want to do applique! Your customer has an eye for color and design. She turned a sample pattern into a real beauty with her choice of fabric and the addition of the peppermint candy vine -- your quilting was the icing on the cake!
  9. Sandra, I have a quilting friend with a Hartley base for sale. Her name is Shari Guimont (in Duluth MN). Her email is Joan Hunn LadyLake
  10. Debbie, it would be fun to see photos of your pecan trees and harvesting, if you get a chance. I haven't ever seen that. Thanks!
  11. I finished a fusible appliqué project today called 'Dance of the Loons', a pattern by Anna VanDemark I ended up having to do a lot of thread painting, in order for the appliqué objects to show. The part I enjoyed the most was figuring out how to create the shadows of the loons on the water. HunnLoonCenterEdited by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr HunnLoonFullEdited by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr HunnLoonLeftEdited by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr I am off to a three day retreat tomorrow with most of my quilting buddies!
  12. It is gorgeous, Monika --looks like you really have tea leaves down!
  13. Anne Bright has some really cute baby quilting designs. I did an all over with her dolphins one time. If you go to her website and do a search for fish, maybe the patterns will help get your mojo going, Heidi.
  14. Since I like geometrics, I'm not having a problem with the modern style. As a quilter, I find that these quilts often have more open areas for quilting to show. I've been able to use some minimal, but fancy ruler work, like rope or sashiko ruler work where it shows, and then do a simple meander everywhere else since it doesn't show.
  15. I am wondering what it means when you become friends on this forum?
  16. Yay! It is payback for all the times things don't go right!
  17. Thanks, Kathy -- I love your snow dyed fabrics, too!
  18. Wowzer, guess you rate pretty high in your hubby's eyes, Vickie! Happy Birthday!