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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like your husband is a keeper, too! We look forward to hearing more about your quilting journey!
  2. Wow!!! It is gorgeous and I love the peppermint candy theme. Perfect job!
  3. Wow, is that ever nice! Thanks for the extra photo, Oma. I really need to get busy and make myself an iron caddy. The hot iron is always a problem on how to transport at the end of retreats. I'll check out your links. I am glad you are feeling better, too!!
  4. I'd like to know how you made the iron caddy, too, Oma. And, if you have another view of it?
  5. Linda, I don't see your book listed on the Topper Tools website, is there another website you are using? If not, will you please send me info? Thanks!
  6. I am appreciating my 'Dawn Cavanaugh's Crosshatch Ruler' this morning as I quilt 45 degree lines on each side of a thin pink middle border. I have found her ruler to be the most stable of all of mine, due to its length, 1/4" tabs to snug in the hopping foot, and the fact that it is still thin enough for me to get my hands around. I also sprayed 505 basting spray on the back to give the ruler even more grip. Dawn, now that Off The Edge Quilting has gone out of business (I heard), will your ruler be manufactured elsewhere or should we nab them while we can with existing supplies? I see they
  7. Bernina has a basic machine for under $500. I bought it and used it to bring for retreats, but later sold it. It worked fine. I have some friends with a Brother sewing machine from Walmart that seems to work fine for them.
  8. I just used up a cone of thread, put a new cone of the same color on the machine, and took aim for the wastebasket to throw in the plastic spool. Sounds mundane, but throwing away thread-less spools gives me a little sense of accomplishment -- makes me feel like I'm making progress in my business of quilting customer quilts! Anybody else want to share some of the little things that keep you going?
  9. Kimmy Brunner's Twirly Whirlybird Feathers is a real confidence booster for feathers. Patsy Thompson's two books Feather Adventures and Hyperquilting are also freehand inspiring (
  10. Your Giant Vanda blossoms are WONDERFUL, Hitomi!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Don't worry, Ann, it will come. I didn't touch my machine for the first three months that I had her. This forum helps a lot to build your confidence and learn new skills. Take lots of classes.
  12. Charlotte, The quilt pattern is called 'Around Town' from the Twin Cities Quilting Shop and is available on-line:
  13. I forgot to upload a closeup of the border. The traveling leaves are modeled after Marcia Steven's Burning Bush Leaves/Golden Threads pattern pack: They are quilted using Rainbows Turning Leaves #857 (gold and green), which is one of my current favorite threads: I tried something different with the batts. I used Quilters Dream Poly Select, instead of QD Cotton Select for the base batt, with QD wool for the top layer. I was not sure if the poly would be strong enou
  14. Lookin' good, Meg! Lucky you for having access to Joen Wolfrom to take a class from. Thanks for sharing what you are learning!
  15. I'm on a roll finishing some of my own quilts. This is a wallhanging that is going on our diningroom wall. I played around with the eccentric attachment to my Quiltazoid for many of the circular spirographs. Thank you to those of you that have your samplers posted on the QZ site -- it got my ideas going. This is my first try posting photos from Flickr: BatikCirclesWallBack by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr BatikCirclesWallFront by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr
  16. Okay, I have a Flickr account with 2 photos uploaded that I want to post here. How do I do it? TIA! FOUND IT -- Thanks for your instructions, Heidi. I'll give it a go. It worked!! Yay! I posted a new topic called 'Batik Circles Wallhanging'. Thanks for all of your help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. What would I do without you guys? Thanks for clueing me in. I just requested that my photo albums be downloaded from Webshots. Next, I'll figure out Flicker. Honestly, you all are such good friends -- hard to believe we've never met.
  18. Darling! Someone gave me a panel from the same line -- now I have some ideas on what to do with it when the time comes.
  19. It doesn't appear that my Mac has the Paint program. I do have my album, which I haven't used in a couple of years, but still have pictures there. I copied a link to a photo on webshots. Does anyone out there use webshots for downloading photos onto this forum, and if so, how do you do it? http://home-and-gard...102244065EkvRVe
  20. So far, the only thing I've gotten to work is to reduce the custom width to 10 pixels when exporting, and as you can see -- this won't do. I'm not sure if Mac has the Paint program, but I'll check. Thanks, Della.
  21. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.