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  1. Here's an example of curvey quilting on an applique. The flower petals are not hexagons, but it will give you an idea of what could be done, along with the center spiral that Heidi mentioned. As far as the basket itself goes, I was thinking freehand thatch going in different directions within each hexagon piece would be interesting. Well -- looks like I'm going to have to learn how to attach photos on the new forum system. I'll figure it out and post the photo later.
  2. Thanks for letting me know, Vickie. I just cleaned my message box out -- so it is available now.
  3. Ha! Ha! Dory, you wouldn't even know anything is missing!
  4. Quilting Tools & Supplies For Sale Contact: Joan at Longarm Quilting Machine Books Hargrave, Harriet, Heirloom Machine Quilting , spiral bound edition, 1995, new condition/$10.00 Taylor, Linda V., The Ultimate Guide to Longarm Machine Quilting , 2002, new condition/$15.00 Thelen, Carol A., Long-Arm Machine Quilting , 2002, new condition/$15.00 Longarm Quilting Machine Attachments Hartley Base Plate for APQS Millennium with Bobbin Cutter, good condition/$65.00 -SOLD- Paper Roll Pantographs 9" and 11" Deb's Dahlias, Sew-Phie Quilts, good condition, goo
  5. Thanks, Ardelle. I can always use Ipad tips, as it is learn as you go, and now I can use your smiley face tips on Ipad functions (maybe -- like email, I hope).
  6. I can see why she gave you a big tip -- looks like you were in 'the Zone' on this quilt, Anna!
  7. Fantastic quilt design and piecing. Who are the men holding the quilt? You can't post a photo like that and not mention more about him . . . :cool:
  8. Try a bleach pen available in the supermarket. I think if it were me, after I received the customer's consent (it is her fault), my goal would be to bleach out the tiny blue spots. Since it is a yellow fabric with tiny white designs, I don't think it would be noticeable. BTW, this very thing happened to me on a batik quilt with a muslin backer. I was spritzing the back to close up holes and the dyes ran.
  9. Laura, your perfection is inspiring! Would you mind sharing what rulers you use for straight lines, and do you mark with chalk? How did you line up your lines so perfectly and stop in the correct spots to turn the next direction? Also, on the quarter-inch echoed circles -- what templates or tools or what?
  10. Oh, Heidi ... It's beautiful!! I've never seen such texture and look forward to seeing more photos.
  11. Photo of Border. The border made the quilt, I thought. I used a Sherry Rogers-Harrison idea from a class I took with her a long time ago. Used my Quiltazoid for the echoed circles, then freehanded feathers. One major thing I learned from this quilt. The customer foundation pieced it onto muslin. It was a bear to rip out mistakes, as the stitches were locked in tightly due to the three layers of fabric, plus batting.
  12. Photo of Blocks. This was a tough one to figure out how to quilt. It turned out fine, but in retrospect, I should have just done an overall feather.
  13. I finished a quilt today that was a bear, had a quilting friend over that just got back from a trip to Nova Scotia and gave her the tree blocks we made each other in our monthly quilt group, and had a customer drop off a minkee to minkee quilt which she has sewn, but wants me to do the topstitching since she doesn't have a walking foot. It was a day that I was thankful for having my quilting friends.
  14. Beautiful tree skirt Bonnie. Maybe I'll start a Christmas project tonite...
  15. Love your quilting style, Terri -- more relaxed than I do -- I'm putting your photos in my favorites to try to learn your style!
  16. I'd be willing to talk rates, Linda. What is your email?
  17. Here's a couple of ideas, Charlotte. I like to do circles on the cornerstones. Rope would look great on the sashing. As far as giving it some punch, using threads that are in the same color family, but highly contrasting in value, would add interest and give it a hand stitched look, especially if thicker threads were used. You could quilt random large and small circles on the background, and use a different fill texture and density, than the rest of the background. This would be another way to add interest, but stay in the same color family.
  18. What a neat idea! It looks rich, but feminine, too!