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  1. Congratulations, Tinie! Have fun and let us know how it goes!
  2. Beautiful, Julie! I like the way you quilting a different background design on each block. What a nice wedding gift!
  3. Beautiful, Linda! How did you like the soy batting?
  4. Looks great, Linda! I think the crosshatch border really sets off the quilt nicely.
  5. Donna, I would re-start by taking the bobbin and case out and re-setting the bobbin tension. Do you have a TOWA gauge? These are helpful, but for now, just re-set it the way you have learned. Then re-thread the top thread and re-set the tension. What threads are you using? The thicker threads can be more challenging, especially if paired with a thinner bobbin thread. Other ideas, try slowing down when going around curves. Sometimes it helps to move the quilt sandwich a little bit or loosen the quilt sandwich tension, so the thread doesn't break. Hopefully some of these ideas will g
  6. Judi, That is absolutely gorgeous! Your quilting made the lilac quilt so personal--I love it!
  7. Welcome, Chris! I wish I lived closer so I could go to Camp Mowana too -- sounds fun!
  8. Jo, In addition to tightening the top thread tension, it also helps to slow down when doing curves. Most of us tend to speed up doing curves, so slowing down will help keep the thread tension even. By the way, I find that King Tut is one of the most challenging threads to get even tension, due to its thickness. Try a more forgiving thread, such as Sew Fine (from Superior Threads) or Aurifil MAKO Cotton 40 wt. You are doing really well for your first practice quilt -- you have wonderful design ideas. Best wishes!
  9. The Terrell Designs website is fantastic! Thank you, Janet. Debbie, does Linda Newell have a website? If anyone has a source for the sun-block fabric, please post. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone made quilts to use for curtains, drapes or valances? I recently bought a house and want to both decorate and better insulate the windows. It occurred to me that quilted curtains would be appropriate for a quilter's home:P! It would be interesting to hear about or see photos of decorative and also insulated quilted window coverings that any of you have made or seen. Thanks!
  11. Is there an APQS Dealer in your area that the buyer could pay to check over the machine and give an opinion (no guarantees)? Just a thought. You might want to give Heidi Kaisand, the APQS Sales Director a call or email to pick her brain too.
  12. Kathy, Your quilting is excellent -- all of the stitching looks so sure and wonderful! I'd say you are at the top of your profession!
  13. The quote reminds me of a similar saying: "Those who need love the most are often the ones hardest to love."
  14. Quilters Dream Cotton with Wool on top works well.
  15. Darlene, Do you mind if I ask where you purchased your center island?
  16. Very nice, Monika. I like that you designed the quilting to set off the signature blocks.
  17. Carmen, I'm in Duluth, Minnesota, where the cold gales of Lake Superior rule. We like it cold and turn the heat off at night. But my Millie prefers in tropical, so that's why I have an extra warming up routine. I think it is a good idea to warm the machine up to maximum efficiency before quilting; it is easier on the machine.
  18. Jane, What about making a label that is a double -- including the information in both right side and upside down directions, with a line inbetween?
  19. I'm wondering what you all use for fabric storage. I like to have my fabric out in the open in shelves to look at. I already have the Menard's white shelving, which has worked well, but now that I have a separate sewing room, I'd like something different rather than more white shelving. I'd be interested to hear and see what people have come up with. Thanks!
  20. Welcome, Brenda! Your enthusiasm is contagious. We're glad to have you here!