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  1. I use a space heater to get the room nice and warm before turning on the machine, then do a one up/down with the needle, then slow, then medium, then fast, then medium, then slow. If your needle up/down is at the right rate after sewing awhile, perhaps your warm up routine isn't warming up the machine enough -- try adding the medium and fast speeds. Maybe it will help. Good luck!
  2. Have you looked at obtaining a graduate degree or licensure to boost your marketability? There is a graduate degree in management, with a human resources emphasis option, that can be obtained in 16 months (all evening classes -- geared to the working professional) in our area. There is probably something similar available in your area or on-line.
  3. Ideas: Repeat objects from the border into the large blocks (Christmas trees, holly, stockings, and poinsettas -- one object per block). SID around large and small blocks, then quilt a small Christmas theme meander (ball ornaments?) in the polka dot white. Holly in the border.
  4. I started out piecing in my sewing room, then when we packed the long arm in there, my sewing area got squished. We just moved and now I have a separate sewing room from the long arm room -- it is a luxury, I know, but that is all I do is quilt. I'm looking forward to doing more piecing again and being able to see all of my fabric out on the shelves.
  5. The open areas seem similar in shape to the double wedding ring. I think a motif of some kind in those areas would really set off all the hard work you did with the concentric circles.
  6. Does anyone know what can be stored in a cedar-lined closet, now that it has been determined the cedar's acidity eats fabrics? I recently moved into a new (older) house with a cedar closet in the hallway. I'm wondering if I could get away with putting contact lining paper on the shelving and store sheets, etc (don't worry -- no quilts will go in there) or are cedar closets completely useless and I might as well remove the cedar wood lining and shelving? Anyone with any experience or knowledge about this? Thanks!
  7. You make nice loopies, Bobbette! They are kind of a combination of circle texture and ribbons -- I like!
  8. water -- echoed swirl meander petals surrounding center circle -- SID compass star arms -- SID and ribbons flowing from the center out to the tips of each arms flying geese -- a branching coral moving through the geese all borders -- SID seahorse print -- starfish pattern by Anne Bright pieced border -- have fun embellishing each object, eg. putting pine boughs on pine trees, light rays coming from lighthouse, etc. outer borders -- I'd do something plain because the rest of the quilt is pretty busy; perhaps try to repeat a shape already used in the interior of the quilt Good lu
  9. I have a 2003 Millie with a bobbin winder on the side of the machine. I wound bobbins with Aurifil MAKO Cotton 40 wt for years with no problem. I used the same thread on the top. I also wound Bottom Line, but only about 5/6ths full. I can use Bottom Line with just about any thread on the top. Now I mostly buy Bottom Line pre-wounds and they work fine.
  10. Carmen, I try to be extra careful when rolling to a new area of the quilt, to make sure the back doesn't have any puckers on the roller bar and that the side clamps are pulling the back taut. Then I take a lot of time to hand press the top, making sure it is fully extended and flat from the center out to the sides, then I baste both left and right edges. I also avoid basting down too close to roller #2 (holds the quilt top), because the quilt sandwich is not properly stretched out at that point. There is a fine line between having the quilt sandwich too stretched out and taut so that t
  11. Boni, Thank you for letting us know about this. I would be interested in any future judging snippets you find, too.
  12. Congratulations, Shelley! We look forward to seeing your new creations!
  13. Two things: Color and being busy stitching with other women.
  14. Hi Boni, The panel looks like lots of fun to quilt! I like to SID all of the borders and main figures, so would SID the little tailor birds on the inner border as well. For the spools, you could do each spool in a different color thread and make it look like the threads are coming off the spools and looping the different colors together. I think I'd also SID the 'metal wires' on the dress form to add interest. Have fun!
  15. Carol, Your quilt is wonderful in every way. So much movement and translucency. I like the crosshatch on the border too. Thanks for showing us!
  16. It is gorgeous, Jessica! I like the line you created at the very center of the star -- gave it some personality.
  17. It is really neat looking -- the customer will love it!
  18. wOw! Congratulations, Shannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Here is a youtube video showing Dawn Cavanaugh using the Quilt Glide:
  20. Hi Lisa, Minkee fabric has a lot of stretch in one direction, and not much in the other direction. Load the minkee backing so that the direction with the most stretch is parallel to the roller bars. You shouldn't have much trouble otherwise. Joan
  21. I've done these types of panels using Madeira MonoLon on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I outline the main figures (eg. man, fish, boat) and then echo 1/4 inch out to the edges. That way you don't quilt over the main figures and add interest with the echoing.
  22. Did the signature blocks come from her family? If so, you might give her different options and pricing for the piecing. The 16 blocks could be put in a setting design with sashing and border(s). If the blocks are in poor shape, perhaps she should consider a wallhanging instead of bed quilt.