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  1. It is beautiful, Lisa. The fabrics and the quilting. Your artistic side was definitely in tune on that project!
  2. The 4.0 size needle works great for most thread. The 3.5 size is a little trickier, but leaves a smaller hole and a better stitch for finer threads.
  3. The maze is really interesting -- it looks like it is made out of silk! I'd suggest finding a couple of simple and small coordinated sashing designs to quilt on the frames, to bring out the woven look.
  4. What a special gift! That child had many caring females in his past to have passed those blocks on so far.
  5. Your quilting really added a lot of interest to the piecing. Nice job!
  6. You are supposed to take it straight down to the three-hole tensioner guides, but you will have to experiment with what threading works best for you and your machine on the horizontal spool holder. I have both the horizontal and the vertical spool holders, and often take the thread from a spool on the horizontal guide, through the vertical spool holder guide and then down to the three-hole tensioner. This has worked well for me -- my theory is that the thread does best if it is a straight shot down into the tensioner. Before I got the vertical spool holder, I added a pigtail eyehole (at
  7. I initially stored my batting on the pole under the machine, but it seemed dirty under there, so now the rolls are sitting upright in a closet. When I need some, I place the batting roll on top of the table rollers (perpendicular) and measure out as much as I need, then make a small cut. Next I put the roll on the machine table and make the cut, using the back roller as a straight guide or sometimes I push the roll upright against the door trim and use the groove to cut straight. I know everyone stores and cuts batting in different ways. You can find batting storage examples in the APQS
  8. Bonnie, I reallly like how you did the border on your yellow brick road, where you combined the feathered hearts with the rose and leaf pattern. The style captured the innocence of the yellow quilt nicely. I'm going to tuck that pattern in my files for a future quilt. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I would likely use Aurifil MAKO Cotton 40 wt. in a matching color, with same in bobbin.
  10. I'd suggest backstitching in the same exact holes (3-4) and then knotting and burying when using either Bottom Line or Rainbows. They are slippery/thin threads that need extra help staying put.
  11. Our guild had a sewing day and made quilts of valor, then quilters volunteered to quilt and bind. A friend and I made one together which I quilted. Our guild has finished almost 25 quilts now! Not only does the QOV quilt touch the veteran, it has also given quilters a chance to reflect on the courage it took to volunteer. My girlfriend found a neat 'Liberty' pattern pack with an eagle and stars that she quilted on a QOV -- turned out beautiful.
  12. Nova Scotia has been on my travel list for a long time -- now it is a definate! Thanks for sharing!
  13. I charge extra if a multiple-pieced back comes in, enough to charge for the extra time it takes me to fiddle with it. It helps to roll the back back and forth more than normal after loading to stretch it out. Also using thicker batting. A couple of years ago, I began informally talking about the pain multiple-pieced backs are in the quilting groups I belong to and noting that a certain local quilt store has begun carrying a great selection of wide backs. Actually, wide backs do cost less per square yard. The active quilters around here were pretty quick to pick up on the hint.:cool:
  14. I regularly quilt on batik with Rainbows, Highlights and Bottom Line and have experienced no problems. I think the Rainbows coordinates well with the batiks. I use a 3.5 needle purchased from APQS on a Millie and run the thread fairly loose (I don't do the 'triple wrap' through the 3 tension holes). I use Bottom Line in the bobbin (pre-wounds work well, but self-wound work too) with Rainbows or Highlights on top. I am not able to attach a photo today, because my computer crashed recently and my photos are not in original order, but this link to my webshots shows a batik mariner's compass
  15. Hi Carmen, Here are the label placement guidelines for the Minnesota Quilters State Show: "Each quilt must have a 4’ wide (finished) sleeve securely attached to the top back of the quilt and an identifying label attached to the bottom right corner of the back of the quilt." I would check with the Show Coordinator of the show you are entering, because the guidelines might vary.
  16. I'm always looking for non-SID designs, and this one is great! Thanks for sharing.
  17. I have found that using matching thread and simply stitching close to the edge of the embroidery, then a complementing low-intensity texture background works well.
  18. I like the size of feathers you quilted around each pieced star -- the scale makes a good transition to the bold diagonal inner border. The feathered McT is really cool too.
  19. I love that pattern -- such an interesting medallion and the piecing is excellent. I love that you did original quilting in the large solid areas -- a wonderful heirloom keepsake!
  20. I always ask if they want the quilt trimmed, when the customer drops off the quilt. I don't charge for this -- it is a big benefit for large quilts, because most customers don't have the space to easily trim this size of quilt.
  21. Matt, Do you mind sharing which machine you use? You are running so many different brands and weights, eg. 28w in bobbin.