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  1. It turned out beautiful, Charlotte! Thanks for sharing such a creative way to design quilting!
  2. Meg, I would use Pam Clarke's Design with Lines concept to quilt the flower in the white. In the orange, I'd quilt a circle or spiral in the center, and lines 1/4" apart on the arms; or you could fill with feathers. The trellis I'd do leaves or some fun traveling designs; you could also do a directional effect by filling each trellis piece with feathers going opposite directions from each other. It is an uplifting quilt. We look forward to seeing what you do with it!
  3. That is fantastic news, Ardelle! I am happy for you that your daughter and future son-in-law will live close to you.
  4. Wow! You really worked on that one. He must be a very deserving son! I bet he loves it!
  5. That is sooo cute, Vicki! Fall is in the air up here, too, and I am loving' it!
  6. Your quilting looks lovely, Dory. I find music helps me stay focused quilting. I also set time goals -- like I'm going to stay quilting until 11am before taking a break. Sometimes if I get tired of working on a quilt, I will push to finish it that day, so that I can start on a fresh quilt the next day.
  7. My goodness -- where does the time fly? She looks like a total joy! Lucky Grandma!
  8. Thanks for all your ideas and humor, especially your detailed idea, Sheri. I am playing with feathers. Will show you all when completed.
  9. What a fun quilt! Your quilting designs enhanced the mood, Vicki! I am going to copy my Halloween crazy girlfriend on this one!
  10. I think that I'd establish the quilting style by what you choose to do on the black inner border, as it will show. Is the customer looking for a Halloween theme or anything goes? I would add some interest to the black/orange/white by using a vibrant green thread on the black and perhaps purple on the white. You could do continuous curve on the black triangles and a more complicated sashing design on the black inner border. I would go for contrast with your quilting -- the pieces are all geometric. Find curving designs. Show us when you finish!
  11. You are going to love it, Connie! I have the 'little bit of everything' template that I have enjoyed.
  12. Here is the finished tree quilt. Thank you for all of your help!
  13. This is my next quilt job. The customer has restored an historic Victorian home, and made this quilt for her bed. It is all Jinny Beyer fabric. The block placements seem like it opens up opportunities for some nice secondary designs. Okay gals, start your creative engines and let me know what you see! TIA!
  14. Love it, Peggy! Your quilting gave a wonderfully organic feel. Thanks for the ideas!
  15. Here's a photo with the screws tightened in position for using the QZ.
  16. I just had holes big enough to fit the screw heads through, drilled into the slots on the Quiltazoid metal plate attachment. Now, I don't have to screw in the screws each time I want to use my QZ. I don't leave the metal plate on when not in use, because it blocks my view of quilting. Here are photos, in case anyone else wants to do it.
  17. Beautiful, Patty Jo! What a lovely quilt to snuggle up into!
  18. I use q-tips with nothing on them to clean my M&M wheels. I roll the machine back and forth with the q-tip in the wheel groove.
  19. You conquered that one with grace, Bobbi! I wonder if the pie er realizes how lucky she was to have found you to quilt it!
  20. I love your style, Kay. Seems like a combination of graphic/modern and traditional. LOVE IT!
  21. WOW! That is a fantastic quilt, Caroline! Your feathers are real classy!!!:cool:
  22. I'm having a set of 4" x 12" cubby holes made for my template and ruler storage.