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  1. And by the way she was just serviced one year ago by an APQS dealer in Washington state. She runs like a new Millie!
  2. Considering I have another machine on the way I am totally open to offers! I am asking $2,500 or offers!!! I don't have room for two long arm quilting machines. Dave Jones will deliver it to your door and set it up for you and the fee will depend on where you live but will never be higher then $1,500. for the lower 48 states. That makes shipping easy peasy. Maxine 604 484 9531. Point Roberts, Washington.
  3. Wow that is a lot of money.....I wish you could see how well and easy it is to learn stitch regulation without one.....but when I say that it just sounds like I am trying too hard to sell the machine.
  4. There is no stitch regulator.....I need to talk to APQS tomorrow and ask them if one can be installed. Before I bought it I had to have a stitch regulator.....but my budget didn't allow for one plus I wasn't sure I was going to like long arming....so I bought this one. I practiced on old sheets and cheap batting and after two queen size sheets my stitches were great.....not perfect, but very nice. Just a thought.
  5. I just spoke to Dave Jones and he would deliver anywhere in the lower 48 US states for $1500....so to go from my house in Washington to your house and he would set it up for you would cost $1500.
  6. You are correct about the Ultimate II.....I just found out from a lovely member that actually I have an Ultimate I which has the 26 inch throat.....these are the early Millies....a real workhorse of a long arm.
  7. I have purchased a used Lucey after enjoying and learning on my Ultimate I. This is a great way to find out if you want to be a long arm quilter for very little money. It has a 26" throat, 4 roller bars plus a batting bar and of course a laser pointer, all on a completely metal, no wood, l4' table. New M and M wheels and laser pointer. Located in Point Roberts, Washington, 98281. Please phone me at 604 484 9531 or email me through this site.
  8. Can APQS add stitch regulation to your machine? Do you know? I would be interested in just your head.....shipping to washington is too expensive when you include the frame. Would you consider that? Thank you.
  9. Are you able to separate the Intelliquilter and sell the millie separately and if so how much would that be? Thank you.
  10. Hey you guys what about my amazing deal on my 1996 Ultimate II....in fact I will reduce the price to $2,500.00. I live in Point Roberts, Washington, 98281.....boatmax@gmail.com
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