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  1. Thanks Barb. I did eventually get it, but it is really tight and hard to pull up. The other one works like a charm, no problems undoing it. It is probably my little alien in my Quilt Path doing his thing! (I call my Quilt Path "qupalien". Stands for Quilt Path Alien. Libby
  2. Can anyone tell me how you can undo one of the belt clamps on the Quilt Path? I want to switch to manual quilting and can't open the one clamp. There is no way I can push that little red bolt down. Thanks, Libby
  3. I have a horrible time with King Tut also but love the variety of variegated colours they have. What I have found works best is to loosen my bobbin quite a bit and tighten up the top. It doesn't solve the problem completely but does make the quilting look a little better. Lib
  4. Thanks Teresa. I have send you a paypal invoice but can you give me your last name for the address? I can than make up the label to ship the board to you. Libby
  5. Hi Teresa. No problem. I can mail the bunny board in Blaine, Wash so I think postage should only be about $8.00. Would you like to pay via Paypal? I can invoice you if you would like to give me your email. Invoice would be for $18.00 + $8.00= $26.00 If you paste the http... below, you can pull up a picture of the board. Scroll down to page 6 and you will see the bunnies. http://www.rns-desig...13_-_update.pdf Libby
  6. Hi Peggy. The boards work the same as the Circle Lord system. They just have to have an Urban Elementz stylus. If you google http://www.rns-design.com/shop/category/styluses it will show you what you need. The boards themselves are made with a strong, light-weight PVC like material with a non-skid backing. I didn't want them sliding around so I used painter's tape to hold them a little more securely on my back table. I have an APQS Millennium quilting machine. If you paste the http... below, you can pull up a picture of my boards. Page 1 will show you what the Clam Shell with Tear Drop looks like and at the bottom of page 1 in the middle is the Continuous Hearts. (It is not the Continuous Hearts A one). Page 2 will show you what the Dusty Miller looks like and then scroll down to page 6 to see the bunnies. http://www.rns-desig...13_-_update.pdf I hope this helps. Libby
  7. I have got 4 Urban Elementz boards for sale. 2 Dusty Miller - Petite - 24" x 6.5" ($40.00 x 2 = $80.00) $20. X 2 = $ 40.00 Clam Shell with Tear Drop - Small 24" x 7.5" ($24.00) $ 12.00 Continuous Hearts - 24" x 6" ($24.00) $ 12.00 Bunny – large 23" x 12" ($35.00) $ 18.00 The bunny board has two rows of rabbits on it. I couldn't figure out how to attach the file showing the boards, so if anyone is interested I can send a picture to them by email. Libby
  8. Right now I use a small mirror but a camera sounds like a really good idea. AND not only for checking stitches but also to make sure the backing hasn't puckered. Lib
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Cathy. Libby
  10. Cathy, way back end of December I noticed you were looking for the rope/cable/corner long boards. I have the rope and corner boards if you are still looking for them? Libby
  11. I really have to say a BIG thank you to Dawn. She fixes Qupalien (my Quilt Path) and my Milli when it goes completely dead. She always gets back to me with any problem I have asap. Thank you Dawn. Have a really happy Thanksgiving. Libby
  12. That is what I thought also so I think I will go back to my client and let her know it really doesn't work well on flannel. Thanks for your help. Lib
  13. Has anyone ever printed a picture on flannel? I have done pictures on cotton but I have never done any or even seen it done on flannel. Libby
  14. Does anyone have the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700 QCP and what table do they use it in? A friend of mine has a Sylvia Design 910 table (included with the Rudersberg lift) and is looking at buying the 7700. I have the Janome 11000 and can't really give her much advice. I do love my machine but hate the service that Janome gives. Lib
  15. Linda, that is such a beautiful Mother's Day wish. I lost my daughter 2 1/2 years ago so I can understand the pain in some mom's hearts. Lib
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