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  1. Hi! I've posted my Millie for sale in the USED MACHINE forum section. Just putting a reference here as well. Thanks!!
  2. Includes 2004 Millennium, s/n A03516, 12' table, stitch regulator, thread cutter, single stitch button, laser light, bobbin winder, electronic horizontal vertical channel lock, power fabric advance, micro handles, base expander (with cutter), horizontal dual spool holder. I'm asking $9000 and that includes all my thread and pre-wound bobbins as well. Please contact Stephanie DeWIlkins @ 480 889 4964.
  3. Hi! I was doing a hand-guided satin-stitched basketweave-like pattern on an applique basket. Customer said I could quilt on the applique. Well, it must have been too much for this one area because it looks like the stablizer cracked or something and LOOKS HORRIBLE! Sticks out like a sore thumb - almost hurts to look at it! I'm scared to rip it out. Any suggestions? The rest of the basket looks great! Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Thank you Sharon! Maybe I need to make it more enticing!!! I'll also give 4 fat quarters!
  5. Hi all! I need to get back to stop is northern Ontario. I'm looking for a rider/driver to help me drive my truck from Phoenix~~want to leave ASAP. Any takers? This is a valid and desperate plea. Yes, I could do it alone, but it's a V E R Y L O N G drive. GREAT PLACE TO DO HEXIES!! I'll pay for your plane ticket back. Yes, I've tried Craig's list, but that's very scary! And yes, I'll have plenty of cookies! Thanks.
  6. Hi! I have this customer quilt and I want to pin it on the diagonal so I can do feathers in the half-square. I'm not good enough to do them sideways! And I was going to use clear thread. Or maybe the color of the half-square? Please advise how to pin on the diagonal and thread choice~~thanks!
  7. Barb~~thanks, but already did that!
  8. Holey moley! Found a replacement motor...the original one isn't made anymore. $290 at Graingers!!!! Found a used one for $240, but no warranty on it. They also said that it's meant to go forward only, not reverse, and that's why they wear out quicker. Oh well...looks like I'll be advancing manually for a bit! LOL
  9. Hi Linda~~yes, the switches are in the correct position.
  10. Hi! I haven't used my machine for almost a year. Life has gotten in the way. advance feed doesn't work. Yes, I've read the post from PegLu and tried what was suggested. Didn't work. Any more suggestions please? And can someone tell me how much a new motor costs? It's not listed in the parts list. Thanks in "motor" advance!!
  11. Thanks, Heidi, but I"m looking for inspiration for the quilting from something OTHER than OTHER Sylvia's quilts. I want to know how the blocks were quilted historically speaking.
  12. Hi! I'm working on a Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and want to machine quilt it but in the manner of hand quilting. Do you know of a resource that would show how particular blocks would have been hand quilted? I usually use stencils when I actually hand quilt or 1/4" from the seam. Any assistance/advice would be appreciated and thanks! I'll post pix when I'm done. I've been working on this stupid thing quilt for 4 years now and I'm tired of looking at it! I'm going to use Hobbs 80/20 batting, plain muslin for the backing and will be trying 50 wt. Aurifil in the Millie. I want a finer 100% cotton thread than King Tut and that's what I have. Again, thanks!
  13. Hello everyone! Hope everyone on the east coast is faring well. Does anyone know of a cotton thread similar in weight to So Fine? I love King Tut, but I want something finer. Any suggestions are appreciated and thanks!
  14. VICKI~~Can you show a picture? Does it have a model number? LINDA~~Yes...that would be a great product...but it would have to be small AND affordable! My big Rowenta steam generator was quite pricey!
  15. Hi everyone! What do you use as a travel iron? I need suggestions please. Thanks. I use and LOVE the little Rowenta travel iron for sewing. I just broke another one. I just called Rowenta and they told me it's a travel iron, not for sewing. Huh? It's not for every day use. What if I travel every day? Huh? They tried to explain the difference to me. It's for ironing wrinkles not seams. But don't shirts/blouses/trousers have seams? Huh? HELP ME. I told the lady that that wasn't a very good response.