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  1. Thread tension issues can cause a great deal of tension. And as everyone has already said, you are not alone in this. Refer to manual for threading and make sure your thread is between those discs when threading - they can pop out easily. Also make sure your bobbin thread is in correctly - sometimes it is easily put in backwards. I found sofine on top and prewound bobbins from Superior worked great. Don't forget your hopping foot, quality of batting and fabric. All these need to match up too. You don't want to have too poor a quality even for practice pieces. For practice, refer to the ones in the book, they really help. Pantos can also help train your brain, so don't rule that out. So, walk away, take a deep breath and then return with new enthusiasm. I frequently visit Warrensburg, MO. Would love to hook up when down there. Have fun! Carol
  2. The fabrics are beautiful. Have you thought of making a large tote with them - embellish with fibers and cover with tule and then stitch in place, accent with beads and a beautiful purse or tote. Good luck with your decisions!
  3. I agree with Sylvia, just post the instructions here. Otherwise you will be sending emails to individuals from now through next year. Nice of you to share! Carol
  4. Being a dog lover, and having both lost dogs in the past, and having a great guy now, I can empathize with your feelings. I trust all goes well for you in the future with your health too. The ideas are great re: how to finish the quilt. Piano keys on the border is a fantistic idea. May I suggest a dense stipple in the white area to make the crayons bounce out. Think you will make a teacher very happy with your quilting. Wish I were closer to help you with all of this! Carol
  5. Pam, Thanks for the birthday block. Did not view it as late, so no need to worry!! It is just lovely. Carol
  6. Marilyn Thanks for the lovely quilt block. Have never seen the pattern before and the colors work great. And a belated gift is always a treasure! It made my day! Carol
  7. Here is another suggestion. Stitch in the ditch around the stars and triangles. Keep it light and simple. Then if you are concerned about the applique, you could quilt this with a stipple or a dense type of quilting so that it would give the effect of the rider going off into the sunset! Beautiful quilt and have fun with your work. Carol
  8. Sheryl Stewart, Thanks for the lovely birthday block. Enjoyed getting a package in the mail and you are right, I love those "squishy"!! Carol Hillary
  9. I do as Dawn suggested. Start with a good base of support and then move from right to left. I do the side step or shuffle. At first I made exaggerated steps, but now the flow is better. Also, I use both hands, one on each handle. It is just what works for me. The other important detail is to always look ahead while your are doing your panto. It helps make your stitches flow and you have a better idea of where to stop. You have received lots of good advice. Now comes that practice part. And that is always a tough one since we all want to turn out perfect quilting!! Have a merry... Carol
  10. Thanks Rona, In today\'s mail was your block. The design is one of my favorites and I like the color too! Hope you had lots of turkey for Thanksgiving! Carol
  11. Claudia, Breath taking - nice job all around! I am sure you have one happy customer!! Carol
  12. Mary Beth, Baby looks beautiful. Congratulations to you and all the family. Job well done. Now for everyone to get healthy and stay healthy! Carol
  13. Sandy, Looks like you have been busy. Got your block and thanks so much. I love the design and color. Hope you have a great day! Carol
  14. Bonnie Botts, Thank you so much for the quilt block. After a week of rain, today brought some sun and the mail man made it an even brighter day by delivering your birthday block. Loved the colors and pattern. Carol Hillary
  15. Sheryl, Sounds like a busy family. What great news for Daniel. I trust all continues to go well for him and the rest of your family. And your daughter's smile will be worth all the mouth pain and trips to the dentist! Best and be safe, Carol