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  1. Do you still own Prodigy 24? I have never seen one. I love live on East coast, so I am not sure how service would work. It is quite an intriguing machine.

  2. Hi Barbara, I haven't been on this forum for months. I just came over to see what everyone has been up to with their Circle Lord. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's illness. I know this must be a difficult time for you both. I'll keep you in my evening prayers. Your birds are beautiful! What a wonderful idea! Keep coloring and posting pictures of your progress. Hugs to you. ~Angie
  3. So-Fine for sure----Bottom line in a sit down quilting machine? I'm not sure about that one. Check the Superior website as they do list what threads are good for sit down type machines, and what works well on stand up long arm machines. I know my older Bernina 153 did not play well with Bottom Line. My dealer tech and I could never figure out why. I would try the So-Fine first----
  4. That is a wonderful gift! and you did a great job of quilting it!
  5. I had the magnifier on my Bernina for awhile. It was O.K.---If I want to magnify something I prefer more powerful eyeglasses, or magnifier that attach to my glasses. They seem to work better than trying to keep your eyes and head adjusted to be right over the magnifier itself---just my experience and opinion.
  6. Thank you Linda! What a great idea! Also, thank you for the tip on where to get the toothbrush for less.
  7. Hi Linda, I remember going to the Tacoma Show in 2007, and having dinner with all of you. I owned an APQS back then---the show was wonderful, as were all the classes. I loved the lite rail system, and walking around down town Tacoma is also fun! The Chihuly glass bridge is awesome! I hope to visit this show again sometime. It seems to be forgotten since the Portland show gets so much advertising. I really think this show, the convention center and Tacoma is awesome!
  8. Do all computer guided systems have what I see as belts and pulleys along the bottom metal portion of the carriage? Just curious as I find all that "stuff" so distracting and just another place for lint and threads to accumulate.
  9. Hi Amy, I have a similar (more expensive) fabric storage system that I used a few years ago. Now that I know about the comic book backing boards, I would not hesitate to use them. You can get a glimpse of how I use the organizers in these photos. You can put yards and yards of fabric on these type of organizers. I love using them as I can see everything. I have a northwest, somewhat shady
  10. Congratulations Ardelle! It's wonderful that your daughter and son in law are back home. The best of luck with your new business ventures. BTW: I have the new Pfaff Creative Performance machine---Love it!
  11. Caroline, You did beautiful quilting using the new "Cog" design. Were you using it from the front of the machine? I've been thinking of buying the auto lift stylus--- I think I would have a hard time getting all the various sizes and circles and half circles that I see lined up on your quilt, and stopping exactly at the previous circle line. I would like to see a video of how this cog design is approached. Really very pretty!
  12. Beautiful Feathering! Post pics. when you are done! Oma, sorry to hear you had a bad day, and hope everything turns out O.K.
  13. I've tried a few of the brands mentioned. But, my favorite, and the one I now use is "Fine Line" Quilters Rule by Carol Olson. The 8" inch one.
  14. Hi Gail, If you want an interesting shopping experience (for anything), Even Singer Featherweights--- Go to "Google"---Type in Singer Featherweight 221 in the search browser. Then let Google do a search---But, here is the interesting part. At the first search page, look over on the far Left, click on the option named "Shopping" Singer Featherweight 221's ---of every price and description will appear! Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of each Google page and click on "next"---page after page of Singer Featherweights will appear that are for sale. Have fun Shopping!