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  1. Carol, what version of the software, and what version of the system do you have. I will look it up in my wife's manual. Johnmach
  2. What pulls the carriage and the head, an aircraft cable (original CQ) or a belt (CQ2 and CQ3)? Johnmach
  3. The latest non-belt version 5.57.08 is still available on the CQ website. Products / Compuqulter / Downloads. Johnmach
  4. Kenquilt, and the Royal model, was a good machine, although a few years old now. Keep in mind that Kenquilt is out of business at this point. Kenquilt was sold to S & D Stitches, the makers of Compuquilter, several years ago. S & D Stitches closed and tried to re-organize as Odyssey Quilting Machines, but were not successful and ceased operations several months ago. Nobody, that I know of, has heard of another company picking up either the Kenquilt or Compuquilter product lines, or support.
  5. You have signed in to the CQ website, gone to the products page and looked at the bottom for the file, correct? Butch has to show you as a CQ3 owner in his records before you will see the download link. johnmach
  6. Ann -- Give me an email address to and I will try to send you the file. johnmach
  7. Check timing? Check needlebar height? Change to a larger needle to give thread more room to move? Johnmach
  8. Another suggestion is to call a moving company to pack and ship the machine and table. Often they have a partial load going cross-country and can fit it in reasonably. Johnmach
  9. Cheri, Our prayers are with you, not only in the next few days, but also for the future. John and Shere Machado
  10. Chrisee - Shut down CQ and restart your computer. See if that corrects the problem (the indexer may have forgotten where it was). If not, call Butch or Stan at S & D Stitches. Johnmach 2006 Millie w/ CQ2
  11. Have you tried changing the needle? Can you tell where the break is happening: at the needle eye or where the thread is rubbing on the machine? (Just a man's point of view) johnmach
  12. They do NOT have the new computer setup there. Johnmach
  13. Lynne -- 10 votes in for Aaron. I do have to admit that I also put a vote in on several of the Orange tractors. After 20 years with "that" company in the 60s to 80s, my blood still has some orange in it. Johnmach
  14. Compuquilter did buy Kenquilt and future production will be from their plant in Rogers, AR. Per the S & D Stitches website (S & D is the "parent company" for CQ), repairs are currently available either from Kenquilt in KS, or in Rogers. If you were at MQS, you may have seen the new models that were introduced there. Johnmach
  15. Heidi -- Either the sensor for the cutter arm (inside the back of the machine) is not centered on the the arm (rubbing), or the cutter motor needs to be replaced. Have your dealer check with SVP Service if he has a problem. This has been a problem on some of that series of machine, but repairable. John