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  1. The mail carrier brought my delivery of red FQs today. Wonderful, fun fabrics. Thank you all and especially Linda R for organizing, sorting, packaging and mailing.
  2. Mine went in the mail today - double (20) fat quarters. I used a padded priority envelope for both. Around here they have the padded priority envelopes behind the counter and you have to ask for them. It was $6.10 each way because the weight was over 13 oz. Doing the online calculations on usps.com it appeared cheaper to do it this way than regular standard mail. 10 fat quarters would be, of course, less $ to mail. The envelope will need to be taken to the post office and given to a postal employee - no need to stand in line I was told since it is already stamped.
  3. Jan, The Minnesota Secretary of State http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=92 and the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office http://mn.gov/deed/business/help/sbao/ have some great free resources.
  4. The packet of squares arrived today. Thank you all who participated and a great big thank you to Tonilyn for all your work in organizing, sorting and mailing!!
  5. The eye spy squares arrived today. Thank you to all who participated and many thanks to Barb for all the organizing, sorting and mailing.
  6. I'll do Minnesota and Wisconsin. Thanks for organizing, Tonilyn.
  7. I signed up for 2 slots and I'm fine with whatever is easiest for you, Barb.
  8. I believe MQX is in New Hampshire in April and MQS is in Cedar Rapids IA in May of 2015.
  9. I would like to be in on the eye spy exchange!
  10. I had floaters for years but when I called to ask about the new arrival of "flashers" I was told that if I had flashers I needed to be seen that same day. Don't ignore flashers!
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