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  1. Glad you like it! Have you tried creating your own Activity Streams? Activity -> Create New Stream -> Title your stream and select your options -> click Save Changes When you view the new stream under My Activity Streams, you should see three options next to the title you gave it: Edit, Remove, Set as Default. Click Set as Default to make this stream your default view. This will replace the default "Unread Content" link below the search box. Hope that helps! - Tony
  2. You can give up to 10 reputation points per day. Have you been surpassing that, curiously? - Tony
  3. If you would, please screenshot the "?" you're referencing. I don't see it here on Chrome (or I'm not looking in the right place).
  4. Sorry for the forum troubles, folks. It's hosted at a different facility from the main website and we don't have control over that. They've assured me the problem is resolved, though! - Tony
  5. Guests (users who aren't logged in) should now be able to see signatures. - Tony
  6. You found one of our items to tweak! Signatures are back.
  7. Hello! The new forum software is live. Thanks for your patience! Please take a look around and try the new features. We think you'll like the new system. In the coming weeks, we'll be posting answers to frequently asked questions and tweaking a few things to better suit the community. I'd like to extend a special thank you to our beta testers while we worked out the bugs. Your help is very much appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend! - Tony
  8. We have added a link to the APQS website via the tabs that are located below the APQS logo (at the top of the forums - left-hand side.) Thanks, The APQS Team
  9. We are working to resolve this issue promptly. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks, APQS Team
  10. During the most recent update of the APQS forums (thank you all for your patience), we increased each member's limit to 5 MB for photo storage. Remember to always make sure you are uploading photos that have been compressed and optimize for use on the web. Thanks, The APQS Team
  11. Try clicking on the smiley face icon in the header (above the area where you type). More options will become available below the area where you type. Please let us know if you are still unable to locate. Thanks, APQS
  12. WIth the new forums, you can now access APQS Forums via your web enabled mobile phones. Mobile devices are automatically detected by our software so you can see the optimum display of our new forums. If you prefer an iPad or iPhone, you can download the IPS Communities app via iTunes for $1.99 (just search for IPS Communities in iTunes). Once you download the app, you can add the APQS Forum (http://forum.apqs.com) - bottom of the screen. You can use the key symbol at the top of the screen to login. Thanks, APQS Team
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