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  1. The top is too pretty for an E2E, it deserves custom quilting. I'm a newbie so I wouldn't take my advice seriously, but it looks like Spring to me. I see FMQ blooms in the yellow negative space, and the chain in the white imitates lattice so I would do the CCs in the small squares, then do a FMQ flower in the center yellow squares elongated out to the white small squares (one large flower using the center of the yellow square out to the white squares). Then I get stuck with the rest. Can't wait to see what you do. Please share!
  2. Great work on your cross hatching! I'm glad that you are playing and experimenting. Being a newbie myself, It's empowering to play and experiment!
  3. Kudos to you for taking your SR off! Your feathers are awesome! Very beautiful quilt for a worthy cause and that person no doubt will feel very special! I agree, no need to practice anymore, you could teach feathers!
  4. Most quilting guild program committees are looking for local talent to provide a demo, trunk show or anything quilt related during their off season. From what Tami described, she provided valuable insight to quilters that are uncertain which route they want to proceed for quilting their tops (hand piecers may want hand quilting or Sashiko machine quilting). There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a "topper" and having a "longarmer" quilt the top...it means the topper gets to make more tops! My problem is that I LOVE everything quilting! I love both hand/machine piecing, hand/machine quilti
  5. Dang! Wished I chimed in earlier. Can't wait to see all the beautiful quilts! (the forum will have it's own quilt show!)
  6. All the quilts came out lovely. The combination of your pantos and digitized worked wonderfully. I love the Butterfly Ballet panto. Who is the designer?
  7. Having made several rag quilts in the past, I agree with Debbie & Linda. Also, unless you have spring action scissors, they may find clipping the seams boring and painful. The simplest blocks to make for novices are nine patches, then the girls can choose any of the CL boards to quilt. It might make for a better learning experience.
  8. I had a similar problem. Check the thread path by removing the thread from the needle and then pull the thread, there should be no resistance. Mine did and it was caused by the thread getting caught in the gap on the Glide cone that locks down the loose end for storage - I forgot to lock down the gap before quilting.
  9. So many gifts to cherish forever just through your kind and generous heart...the story, the memories, and the beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Becky - Congrats on your hydraulic lift - you are going to love it (I do)! I'm sure you'll have it going in no time with the support of APQS or one of the dealers that monitors this forum.
  11. With today's technology and going "green", most manuals are downloaded or provided through some technical format such as CDs so you can print only what you desire (it is also a way to defer the cost to clients). I prefer paper manuals so I printed the entire manual and with a spiral binding by FedEx (formerly known as Kinkos).
  12. For me, the background fill gives so much texture that the star almost looks 3D. Thank you for sharing your method of doing the fill. As always, another stunning quilt!
  13. Very creative quilting in the negative spaces. It really transformed the top into a beautiful quilt.
  14. When I grow up, I wanna quilt just like you! It's stunning!
  15. That was why I choose APQS along with the support, forum and my awesome dealer who is very supportive and responsive! Love APQS!
  16. I love that you are sharing the before and after. It highlights the beautiful transformation created from your exquisite quilting. Lovely!
  17. Wow, that was a quick makeover and it looks great! Enjoy!
  18. You should share more often. Great quilting. The newlyweds will be most pleased.
  19. I too have been watching your progress. You inspire me. How long have you been FMQ on a longarm?
  20. Your quilting made the quilt by giving it a resting place for the eye. I love that you layered the circles differently throughout the quilt. Great quilting!
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