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  1. I would be thrilled too if I were the recipient of this quilt! Very lovely.
  2. I echo and agree with all of Carmen's comments. I purchased my Millie for my home hobby. I also believe that "support" is the number one consideration for any product when purchasing an investment. Yes, this is an investment even though you will be quilting for yourself. I would stay clear from the Ken Quilt since the manufacturer is no longer in business (no support or parts). I own a Baby Lock Symphony for DSM and rate it very highly, however, when I was considering a Longarm, the Baby Lock dealer whom sells many Baby Lock sergers and DSM said she could not recommend the Jewel or Crown Jewel. If you have an opportunity to test drive an APQS next to a Baby Lock, you will quickly understand. I respect my BL dealer for being honest with me. I love my Millie and have no regrets with purchasing a solid machine, but most importantly the support and service is above and beyond. This forum proves it. Just sayin....
  3. I love my Egyptian Eye boards. They are versatile. You can skip 1 or 2 of the lines and use fillers in between to create a completely different design. I agree with Vickie that they stitch out quickly.
  4. This happened to me once and the culprit was I didn't lock down the cone of thread and the thread was getting caught between the bottom of the cone and the lip of cone that secures the thread for storage. I hope that makes sense.
  5. I love SKOW patterns and love your colors. Outstanding quilting!
  6. Never mind the "10' away rule", your pumpkin seeds excel just 10 inches away for me! Excellent quilting and beautiful quilt!
  7. I am so excited for you! Congratulations and best of luck!
  8. Great story and glad that all that work didn't go to waste.
  9. Linda - your depth of quilting experience and knowledge is extraordinary! Although I don't have interest in this particular quilting process, I do enjoy reading your posts and appreciate you taking time to share your experience and knowledge. You're amazing. Thank you.
  10. Teresa, I live in Fort Myers and the beaches all along our coastline are beautiful white sandy beaches and shelling-most specifically Sanibel and Captiva. You can get away from the college kids during Spring break as there are certain areas they congregate, but you can't get away from the traffic as this is tourist season. There are many beach houses you may rent by owner - www.vrbo.com
  11. I liked that you incorporated the applique corners into the cream corners. Nice job!
  12. Hi Beth - You're an inspiration for all of us newbies. Your playing created a lot of "drama" on your practice pieces. AND I second your comment on the generosity of the networking in this forum. Thank you.
  13. Very beautiful quilting and a very beautiful wall hanging!
  14. The combination of quilting your curves and lines made for an elegant log cabin quilt. Beautiful quilting.
  15. The southern belles are lovely and the cross hatch ties in perfectly with the pattern. Love the parasols for the corner stones too.
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