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    Luz2Quilt reacted to T Row Studio in Chop Sticks Quilt   
    Jan's custom quilt, made using Jay Bird design Pattern called Chop Sticks., and fabrics by Jackie Studios called Heavy Metal. It turned out amazing. I SID around the triangles and added two straight lines in the narrow border and loops in the larger borders. the centers I did a different fill in each one. That was a bit of a challenge for sure. Jan was over the moon excited when she saw it. She chose to use a fireside fleece on the back and a wool for the batting so there is beautiful definition on the stitching. She went right home and threw it on the bed and sent me a picture. I think she likes it. What do you think? I did add a before picture, top right. Thanks for looking have a great day

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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from Michelle Baker in #Applitude   
    Great designs in the negative space. Awesome quilting.
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from T Row Studio in Wholecloth quilt for my Daughter edited with better pic with binding   
    A beautiful keepsake that will be cherished always!
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from LibbyG in Autumn Glory   
    It is a Glorious quilt deserving it's ribbon! Congratulations!
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to Tamarack in Photographing quilts   
    I did a blog post a few years ago on how to take quilt pictures ( indoors and outdoors) with just a basic camera, before I got my Canon Rebel T4i. 
    You can check it out here.
    It's all about the lighting!
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to cegates in Photographing quilts   
    A photographer who is a friend of mine gave me an tutorial on photographing quilts, and after a long time of fussing with the settings on my very nice digital camera, we came to the conclusion that my phone took the best photos.  The rule we came up with was "the newest device takes the best pictures".  Therefore, my phone is newer than my iPad, and takes better pictures, and my iPad is newer than my camera, and also beats out the camera.  He showed me how to use the grid on my iPhone to change the exposure and increase sharpness.  When you are ready to shoot, touch the middle square in the yellow grid that pops up to improve focus.  If you want your photo to be darker, point to a dark area, touch the middle square, then move back to your original focal point.  Same idea to lighten your photo.  You can google photographing quilts for tips on hanging them and lighting.
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to ffq-lar in Photographing quilts   
    Be sure the quilt is hanging flat. Have a stand or hanging system so the quilt is straight and secure. A plus is an invisible hanging system where the clips or clamps are not in the picture.
    Use the no-flash setting on the camera while lighting from the top or side so your stitches show. That's the best suggestion to get a good shot of the quilting.
    Sometimes a casual arrangement with the quilt artfully laid over a chair gives a better view of the quilting---like a quilting magazine cover.
    Photos for your personal or business use are fine if taken by you, but if you're entering quilts in shows, a professional quilt photographer is worth the money.
    Kathy from Tamarack Shack photographs her quilts outside all the time---many times on the frozen lake. Take a look at her blog to get a feel for what she does successfully.  http://www.tamarackshack.blogspot.ca/
    After taking photos, they can be cropped, color-corrected, sharpened, brightened, etc. so you can get the best shot of each quilt.
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to Beachside Quilter in 3 quilts, 2 days, 1 Circle Lord Board   
    Catching up on some work after a couple of weeks off.
    Used my new favorite Eqyptian Eye Circle Lord board.  Easy peasy; 3 quilts in 2 easy days
    Easier to quilt than post pics!!  Trying!!

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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from LibbyG in Chrysalis Star   
    Outstanding!  No wonder you won a ribbon for the quilting!  Your quilting enhanced (showcased) the star.  The feathers are a beautiful contrast to the straight lines.  Very well executed.  Congratulations!
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to Lizbeth in Frustrated   
    First I had terrible tension problems, went to my local fabric shop and they gave me
    several tips which helped tremendous.  Now I am quilting and my stitches are so 
    small. I have it set on 8 and I am using the stitch regulator. I am doing a panto on 
    the Shadow Box quilt. I am using the glide upper thread and pre wound bobbins.
    I did shut everything off and even unplugged it for a hour or more.
    Anyone have any suggestions.
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to yankiequilter in Sewing room finished   
    What a fabulous studio and so well organized. It looks like a wonderful place to spend the day. I always tell people that my studio is a work room, not a show room. That's my excuse for clutter and I'm sticking to it.
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from qltnbe in Saw tooth done   
    It's absolutely lovely! I wouldn't change a thing.  Beautiful quilting!
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to barbm in Hydraulic Lift just stopped working   
    And if you don't catch 'em, check that the switch is still plugged into the hydraulic unit and that the hydraulic unit is still plugged into power.
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to Sallyquilt in Hydraulic Lift just stopped working   
    I had this happen to me, and after a short freak out, I found that when raising the frame I was pulling the plug out of the power cord. Solved the problem by putting the power strip on one of the many boxes I have stored under the longarm. Problem solved!
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Finished- updated (4/27) with pictures   
    I don't think it needs it.  I think of stitch in the ditch in a couple ways - a stabilizer and or a way to keep things neat and square.  I think with the design you've chosen it's not necessary.  Just my personal take anyway!  
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Design help needed   
    Thanks Shari!  - I am using a Wacom Bamboo Tablet that comes with a stylus pen to draw my designs onto the photo.  It also comes with Corel Painter Essentials 4 (it's like a slightly more detailed paint program, but not as detailed as full on graphic design software like Paintshop Pro). You could use paint though truly, or a number of other programs/applications.  I actually bought mine from someone used here on the board!  
    - Valerie
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from LibbyG in Baltimore Album WH   
    Your quilting showcases the applique.  Great Job!
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Kaleidescope Quilted With Pebbles and Lines   
    I'm doing the Happy Dance with you.  I love the different play in the triangles- makes the top pop!
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from ffq-lar in Translating your customer's input   
    Thank you for sharing your insight and although intuition is not innate for all, you are teaching us how to interpret the need.  Excellent quilting!
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to tyquilter in Recent finish   
    You talked me into doing custom on this quilt. . This quilt is for me so it is the perfect opportunity for me to practice and hopefully improve my skills. Thank you for the encouragement!
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from tyquilter in Recent finish   
    The top is too pretty for an E2E, it deserves custom quilting.  I'm a newbie so I wouldn't take my advice seriously, but it looks like Spring to me.  I see FMQ blooms in the yellow negative space, and the chain in the white imitates lattice so I would do the CCs in the small squares, then do a FMQ flower in the center yellow squares elongated out to the white small squares (one large flower using the center of the yellow square out to the white squares).  Then I get stuck with the rest.  Can't wait to see what you do.  Please share!
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in "Our" MQX Blue Ribbon Winner!!   
    Congratulations to EVERYONE! 
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    Luz2Quilt reacted to mlsa3 in Dulcimer Wall Hanging   
    Still gotta put the binding on.  Just finished this Dulcimer Wall Hanging for a donation for the Lone Star Dulcimer Festival next month that I'll be attending.
    Learned a lot as usual about what to do differently next time and what not to do next time.  I tried to just have fun with it.  I love crosshatching so I crosshatched the black border, used curved crosshatching (never done curved crosshatching before) for the square blocks, diamonds for the sashing, micro stitiching around the lettering in the center block.
    It's a bit wrinkled...haven't had a chance to press it yet.  Will do that after the binding.

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    Luz2Quilt reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Quilt guild presentation on longarm quilting   
    Linda - your experience I think is a common one.  I have noticed in some groups (especially online) there is a lot of public shaming that goes on regarding client quilts.  That doesn't happen here (and I'm really grateful for that - you all have a great attitude here)...while we all get those frustrating trouble tops I don't think it does us any good to moan and complain about them...especially to potential clients!  LOL  I think to share what things you can do to make life easier for your long armer in a kind gentle ways that help people understand what you do more is tricky business - but can really really be a great eye opener for non-long armers.
    I have loved reading all of these responses and about Tami's guild - I wish we all could get together once a year and have an "APQS" forum guild!!!  
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    Luz2Quilt got a reaction from Lemon Tree Tami in Quilt guild presentation on longarm quilting   
    Most quilting guild program committees are looking for local talent to provide a demo, trunk show or anything quilt related during their off season.  From what Tami described, she provided valuable insight to quilters that are uncertain which route they want to proceed for quilting their tops (hand piecers may want hand quilting or Sashiko machine quilting).  There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a "topper" and having a "longarmer" quilt the top...it means the topper gets to make more tops! My problem is that I LOVE everything quilting!  I love both hand/machine piecing, hand/machine quilting, FMQ with DSM & LA, art quilts, fabric post cards, embellishments, even hand binding- but I do want to do it myself!  (that's why my Millie is for my personal hobby).  Presenting pros/cons of all types of quilting will educate your fellow quilters/toppers which route to proceed.  Congratulations Tami!  Thanks for sharing your experience.
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