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  1. Please email me if George is still up for sale. I live in NW WI. Thanks, JudyLee
  2. Anything silicone works also, like a silicone spatula or oven mitt. Rub it across the cut threads and they come out very easily. Thanks for the tip on the moustache cutter!
  3. I wanted to thank APQS (thanks personally to Jim) for their wonderful support. I was having some issues with my Millie and they personally saw to it that I was back in business. Jim truly went out of his way to help me. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Never, ever fear that you are on your own when you purchase one of their machines. The company is there standing behind you. Judy Z A happy :)Millie owner since 2007
  4. Thanks so much everyone! Everything is SOLD!!!! Judy Z
  5. I have three Clamshell Pattern Boards left. They are $26 each. They make a wonderful clamshell pattern. RnS item 355. Everything else is gone. Thanks to everyone! Judy Z
  6. This is what I have left of the pattern boards from RnS Designs: 5 (five) triple clamshell boards (item 335 at RnS) will sell for $130 plus shipping. 3 Eight Spiral boards (item 316 at RnS) for sale for $75.00 plus shipping. 1 Patricia Ritter Pansies block (item PRB Pansies at RnS) for sale for $20.00 plus shipping. I only want to ship within the continental USA. If you are interested, please email me at: judestrmn@yahoo.com or send me a U2U. Here's a link to RnS Designs: http://www.rns-design.com/ Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the response on my pattern boards. Hopefully I have gotten back to all of you. I will post in the morning, but I think everything is sold, unless someone changes their mind. If they do, I will do a repost of what is left. Happy Quilting Everyone!
  8. I have several pattern boards from RnS Designs. I no longer use them and some of them have never been used. Shortly after I bought them, I was gifted with the Intelliquilter computerized system (Yeehaw!). If you are looking for pattern boards, let me know. I want to keep the same items as sets, meaning the same 5 boards as one set, the same 4 boards as one set, etc. Here's what I have: 5 (five) triple clamshell boards (item 335 at RnS) will sell for $130 plus shipping. 4 (four) Interlocking Square boards (item 267 at RnS) for sale for $100.00 plus shipping. 3 Eight Spiral boards (ite
  9. Wow, you all have some great ideas! I wonder if you could share more information on the thread picker tool? I use a small plastic box on the side of my Millie for storing tools. 3M makes it out of the same stuff as the hooks. I also use an apron with a retractable scissors leash for my scissors and other handy tools. It's always with me and is automatic now. I reach for those scissors with out even thinking any more. There is a needle called a spiral eye needle that's even easier to thread than a self threading needle. Here's a link: http://www.spiraleyeneedles.com/ nayy,
  10. Thanks so much for all the replies. My gosh, I only wish I had more of these to go around. The Circle Lord is SOLD. Judy Z
  11. I have a Circle Lord for sale that is gently used. It comes complete with the basic set-up which you can see at Loricles website. http://www.loriclesquilting.com/ I used it a few times on my Millennium, then my sweetie got me the Intelliquilter, so I don't need this any more. I'm asking $375 plus shipping from zip code 54829. I am guessing the shipping weight will be around 25 pounds, once I securely pack it. Contact me offline at: judestrmn@yahoo.com Thanks!
  12. I use the magna glide bobbins and absolutely swear by them. I get good tension, no backlash and the thread seems to disappear on the back of my quilts. It's lovely stuff. Judy Z Owned by a Millie.
  13. I have TWO sets of Edgerider wheels and can only use one. Lucky me! The extra set is for sale. They are genuine Edgeriders. The container says for Ultimate 1/ Millennuim New Style Channel Locks. These are new in the container, never been used. I absolutely love mine, they made a huge difference in my curves. $145.00 including usps shipping within the USA. Contact me at: jlzaspel@gmail.com Thanks!
  14. I'd love more info on moving the light bar behind the foot on the Millie. They talked about this at the machine maintenance classes? Wow.
  15. I LOVE old sewing machines. In fact, those oldies are what brought me around to getting a Millennium. I'd been collecting vintage sewing machines for a while and started piecing on them. You won't find a nicer straight stitch anywhere else. I made many tops and needed them quilted. The rest is history. You can see some of my collection here: www.picturetrail.com/judyz Your machines are lovely. Thanks for posting. I never get tired of looking at them.
  16. Thanks Theo! That looks nice, and I have a circle lord too, so it's very doable. Not so sure about the rutabagas though. It sounds like you are very familiar with our town, LOL. I love how the outlining makes the quilt look, thank you.
  17. Me again. I forgot to say it's a picture quilt. The photos are of historic buildings from the area. The library (old pix) is the one in the lower right hand side. I am so proud of our little town, Cumberland Wisconsin!
  18. My picture went into limbo. I will try again. Drats.
  19. I have been given the honor of doing the quilting on a quilt made for our local library. We have an old library that has had a new addition put on it and it's lovely. Island City Piecemakers decided to make a quilt to fit over the fireplace. The colors of the quilt will blend in with the new furniture in the library. The colors are really lovely, tan, cream, black. I think the quilt is very pretty, but now I have to "quilt it anyway you think". Those words! I could use some inspiration, as I am so very close to this quilt and the ladies in the group. (I'm the treasurer). The library will be d
  20. Congratulations Dawn. You would have been my first choice too! Hugs,
  21. Am wondering who out there is using a computerized quilting system already? I'd love the pros (doubt if there are any cons) of the system you are using. What do you like about it and what would you change if you could? Is it easy to still do your own freestyle quilting with your system? Do your customers mind that you use a computer to quilt with? I entered a quilt show a week ago and one of the judges comments on one of my quilts was "Statler Stitcher?". Ha ha. No, my design was handguided and the computer was me. I guess I should be thrilled that she thought I was that accurate, LOL.
  22. I am interested in one of your rulers. I sent you a U2U.
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