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  1. Seriously!!!! Come sometime!!!! I'm pretty sure Charlotte has Southwest!!! Oh my goodness!!! Would that ever be fun!!!!!! We REALLY need to plan something!!! I have a guest bedroom now!!!!
  2. Mary Beth.... You can come anytime and quilt in my new studio when it is finished!!! We'd have a blast!!!!
  3. Yikes! Let us know if you do it! I think I would have said no right off the bat! Whew!!!
  4. The video I watched ended before he finished putting the top on....
  5. I really liked this video!! I wish it went all the way through to finish the top of the quilt!He is doing it differently than I do and I really like the way he is doing it! Is there another video that finishes it up?? Who has those leader grips? They look awesome! I have zippers, which I like, but these look much quicker!!
  6. Hi Sue! I have not tried that. I use Quilter's Dream Batting. But I would like to try the Warm Company batting. I will be watching for replies also!!!
  7. I LOVE this quilt and your quilting is wonderful!!!!!
  8. Hi Patty! Just recently got back on here myself! I'm getting used to the new forum!! I'm so oldschool! Ha! Takes me a long time!
  9. haha! Well.... you are more savvy than I when it comes to this stuff!! I was wondering what that long # was... I'm wondering if it is my "signature"? Not sure how to fix...
  10. Hi! I have also moved and still have my "hometown" quilting customers . I also have people from other states that send me quilts. I have them pay for all shipping , to and from. I usually supply the batting so that helps them a little with shipping cost to me. I call or text or email them when quilt is finished and I find out how much shipping is. They pay me before the quilt goes out...either by PayPal or I wait on a check. I don't have access to Credit card yet. When deciding on what to do on the quilt, I take a pic with my tablet and use "Skitch" to draw on it for the ideas I have, then send them a pic of ideas and approximate cost. They ok it or we 'talk" somemore about it! Hope this helps!
  11. I have several of her rulers and am wanting to get those soon!! Let us see what you do with them!!!!
  12. At my house.... That way, I can lay it over the rails and can measure properly and I have every thing I might need in our discussing the quilting .
  13. Hi quilterkp! No, Just one. I can't remember whether I used Quilter's Dream Puff or Quilter's Dream Wool..... I'm thinking it was the puff.... my paper work is still in my moving boxes so I can't check for sure! THANK YOU!
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