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  1. On 4/30/2017 at 3:35 PM, MaryQuiltsTx said:

    Terry this video cuts off right before he gets the top loaded. Kinda odd? I have the leader grips and they do tend to crack after awhile. I may have to try the snappers. Do you know if they use the same size dowel?

    Linda there is another one. It is from Sparrow Studio too and has a lady loading the quilt the same way he does. If you go to the end of this one, other choices pop up and you can see her, she has short dark hair and is wearing a black shirt.

    Thanks, Mary!!


  2. On 4/30/2017 at 9:39 AM, T Row Studio said:

    If I was buying the clip system get the red Snappers they are more of a hard rubber instead of a plastic I had several of my plastic version crack and breat I invested in the red snappers and love them....what do you mean finishes it up Linda?


    The video I watched ended before he finished putting the top on....

  3. On 4/25/2017 at 2:38 PM, T Row Studio said:

    Mary and Lora which way do you stuff the top and batting under the front roller from the front to the back or from the back to the front

    ok I found a video the add the batting and the top start about at the 10:40 area of the video I hope this helps I find it very easy to load the batting and Top I hope this helps. If you have a table for using for ruler work If you put that on when you are doing pantos itputs a bit of drag on the machine which gives you more contol until you get used to it. Good Luck remember listen to all advise and use what works for you. Welcome


    I really liked this video!!  I wish it went all the way through to finish the top of the quilt!He is doing it differently than I do and I really like the way he is doing it!  Is there another video that finishes it up??  Who has those leader grips?  They look awesome!  I have zippers, which I like, but these look much quicker!!

  4. 18 minutes ago, Cagey said:


    When using Safari, I do not see the long number, only a thin rectangular block with a "?" in the center.  


    When I view this thread using Firefox, I see the long number you described.   As the number ends with .png, which is a supported image format, it is not displaying correctly.  I hope this clarifies the situation.  You might try saving the .png file as a .jpeg or .jpg to see if displays correctly.  As you see the number too, it would appear the error is occurring across platforms. 


    haha!  Well.... you are more savvy than I when it comes to this stuff!!  I was wondering what that long # was... I'm wondering if it is my "signature"?   Not sure how to fix...

  5. 2 hours ago, Cagey said:


    Do you see this when you read your post  That is to say, do you see a Question mark block, which I guess would be a picture or possible signature block?


    Linda Gibbons

    Cabin Creek Quilting

    APQS Freddie (aka, Gracie ll)

    Hand guided



  6. Hi!  I have also moved and still have  my "hometown" quilting customers .  I also have people from other states that send me quilts.  I have them pay for all shipping , to and from.  I usually supply the batting so that helps them a little with shipping cost to me.  I call or text or email them when quilt is finished and I find out how much shipping is.  They pay me before the quilt goes out...either by PayPal or I wait on a check.  I don't have access to Credit card yet.  When deciding on what to do on the quilt, I take a pic with my tablet and use "Skitch" to draw on it for the ideas I have, then send them a pic of ideas and approximate cost.  They ok it or we 'talk" somemore about it! Hope this helps!

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