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    lindasewsit got a reaction from quilterkp in Here's what some pixy dust did! :)   
    Here's  the trouble area of my quilt, quilted!  I had to put a pleat in the blue sash, but I think it  itturned out pretty good for as wonky as it was.

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    lindasewsit reacted to Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    I am packing
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    lindasewsit got a reaction from Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    Seriously!!!!  Come sometime!!!!   I'm pretty sure Charlotte has Southwest!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  Would that ever be fun!!!!!!  We REALLY need to plan something!!!  I have a guest bedroom now!!!!  
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    lindasewsit reacted to I dew quilting in Vintage Quilt   
    This is a customer quilt that I recently finished.  It has been delivered so I can share The top is about 40 years old. She loves vintage pieces.  The top is 74X90, with a lot of open space.  She didn't want any quilting on the face or arms but said do whatever I wanted with feathers and pebbles.  Had fun quilting this one.  All quilting is freehand on my Millie.  2 layers of batting, 80/20 on the bottom and wool on the top, SoFine thread. Sorry can only load one picture

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    lindasewsit reacted to Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    Be careful....I fly anywhere Southwest goes.....I may be knocking on your door
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    lindasewsit got a reaction from Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    Mary Beth.... You can come anytime and quilt in my new studio when it is finished!!!    We'd have a blast!!!!
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    lindasewsit reacted to Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    I don't really have a choice in the matter. The carpet is there, the room is suppose to be a family room. I will take pictures. If you have never been in my studio, there is a huge bar that takes up 2 whole walls. I store the kids toys behind it, and they play down there too, so I have to keep the carpet. If I ever convince DH that we do not party, and we do not need the bar....and that when we sell the house, it would sell better without it, he might change out the floor. Right now my bigger problem is the lights. They are florescent lights in a drop ceiling and they will not stay on. He replaced the balists a while back, but there is a problem again. He said he will replace the whole thing and put in a different lighting system, but I think that will probably be when hell freezes over
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    lindasewsit reacted to quiltmonkey in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Well, I've lived in Alaska for 41 years so that explains everything! 
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    lindasewsit reacted to Gator in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Sounds like someone wants to use a military wool blanket for batting.  If it is a "military blanket" it will shrink.  I would worry about needle flex with the blanket.  I know I'm jumping in here late but I've been out of town for a few days.  I hope you said no to the customer.  Great to see you on the forum, miss some of the "ole gang". 
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    lindasewsit reacted to T Row Studio in Collage Quilts   
    Hi since the Red Deer Quilt show , I showed two of my collage quilts I made the giraffe and the cow. These created quite a stir in our area. I have been booked to do 10 classes all over our province I have done three already I just finished the newest pattern by Laura Heine it is a pincushion. How many still have a tomato pin cushion.   I know I do. Have a Great Day
    Before picture


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    lindasewsit reacted to Mary Beth in I have been lurking, kind of.   
    I swear, if something bad is going to happen......I think I have a "Kick Me" sign on my back sometimes.
    First, I normally get those cortisone injections in my neck and lower back. You know the kind where they give you 3 shots about a month apart, and then you can't have any more. Well, I went in about April 24th and got a cortisone injection in my neck. Then that night, I went back to the ER with a horrible headache. They gave me the migraine cocktail and let me sleep, then sent me home. When the cocktail wore off the headache was still there. I had a CSF leak. So either the doctor punctured something, or it did it on it's own, I don't know. So I had to go back to the pain clinic, where I got the injection. They put me back on the table, put an IV in my arm and did a blood patch. They drew blood from the IV, and injected in my spinal area to plug the puncture. It didn't work. The headache persisted. Now, when I say headache, I don't mean my head hurt, I mean my head felt like it was exploding. I called the pain clinic back, but had to wait until the next week to do another one. The doctor said one normally works, and two is rare. I went back in for the 2nd blood patch. It did not work either. The pain clinic doctor sent me to a neurologist that seemed very much like a nutty professor. He said that he thought my problem was the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. What?! I have had those tight muscles forever. Okay, I will play along. I have been taking the meds he prescribed for pain. Taking muscle relaxers, to appease the nutty professor. Then I started trying Yoga. I now had a painful muscle in my left arm from stretching my arm  My headache has eased greatly, and I will probably get back to work and my quilt room, oh and cooking and cleaning. This has not been fun. I have been reading the posts, but have not been able to say much since I couldn't do much. Ahhhh, I am so happy that is over.
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    lindasewsit reacted to Mary Beth in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Me too. I can see the wool blanket shrinking, even a little bit, after it is washed. What a mess that would be. I would think our machines could take it, I just would not want to do it.
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    lindasewsit reacted to quiltmonkey in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Yep... I'm about to say the dreaded N word... and that word is "No!"
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    lindasewsit got a reaction from quilterkp in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Yikes!  Let us know if you do it!  I think I would have said no right off the bat!  Whew!!!
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    lindasewsit reacted to RosemaryJ08 in Totally finished with label   
    Happy Mother's Day to ALL the Wonderful Mom's out there!
    Here is the Quilt totally finished with the label. "Hand sewn on "
    For all of you out there that are shaking your head at the machine sewn on binding.. I'm sorry, I just can't hand sew. My hands go numb on me
    Happy Quilting,

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    lindasewsit reacted to RosemaryJ08 in Another Binding Blog
    I found this blog this morning and thought I would pass along the link
    seems like we are all after that perfect SEWN ON BINDING
    In the comments section, another lady has gone to the 3/8ths inch seam to sew on the binding first, that is what I like best too.
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    lindasewsit reacted to Quilting Heidi in News about Rita   
    Hi All,
    I received an email from Rita's daughter today and Rita went to be with the Lord today.  I pray she is at peace and no longer in pain.  Thank you all who participated in making her special quilt.  I know that quilt gave her joy and comfort.  Rita was the first person to help me when I got an old stretched rotary machine.  She was a wealth of knowledge and helped guide me on how to load it and work on the machine.  I was actually able to meet her in person at Camp Mowana.  The one thing that Rita loved most was quilting.  I pray she is in quilting heaven and enjoying every minute.  I also see her be the practical joker, she loved to be silly like that.  
    Himself, Roland, is doing well according to his daughter.    
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    lindasewsit reacted to MaryQuiltsTx in Not as Easy as I Hoped   
    Y'all are great. I really appreciate all the advice and I do take note of them all!  I had some time to practice over the past week and I am starting to get the feel of it.  Rosemary was right about gripping the handles....don't do it! As soon as I released the death grip and just used my fingertips, things changed dramatically for the better. I guess sheer strength is not the way to go. LOL I should know this from all my days of horseback riding, some of these fillies just need a light hand and Lenni is one of them. 
    I just realized Liam made a pet comparison and I made a horse one, maybe I am on the right track after all. 
    It does sew beautifully. My top thread breaks occasionally so I am still trying to find that sweet spot in the tension. But compared to my old machine.....hey this is a breeze!
    Thanks again for all the advice. Four quilts done and I ain't counting how many to go!!!
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    lindasewsit reacted to MaryQuiltsTx in Not as Easy as I Hoped   
    Terry this video cuts off right before he gets the top loaded. Kinda odd? I have the leader grips and they do tend to crack after awhile. I may have to try the snappers. Do you know if they use the same size dowel?
    Linda there is another one. It is from Sparrow Studio too and has a lady loading the quilt the same way he does. If you go to the end of this one, other choices pop up and you can see her, she has short dark hair and is wearing a black shirt.
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    lindasewsit reacted to RosemaryJ08 in Not as Easy as I Hoped   
    Here are a couple pictures.
    In the first picture.. you need to make sure that when you tie strap the two cords coming down from the top of the machine, that when they curl around they CAN'T touch the rail. or you will get friction you don't want..
    the second pic shows how I then made another loop to just go around with a rubber band and that S hook I hook on my belt loop.  now the cord can only pull on me, NOT LUCEY.
    When I walk away.. I just hook that S hook on that thread spool spindle on the right side.
    this little trick sure helped me a lot..  the cord rubbing on the rail or pulling against the machine across the carpet was really bad for me trying to make smooth moves.
    Hope this helps .  In the pictures it looks like my cords are laying on my rail... but they are not.
    I just added two more pics.. under the handle I added a piece of black stick on Velcro so that I could stick that white Velcro that I have wrapped around the cords.. and that helped to keep  those cords up off the rail more.
    you can see that I have just enough cord to push Lucey all the way to hit the throat, but there is no drag on her.
    that S hook .. hooks in my belt loop , and there is no drag on Lucey's movement caused by the cord.
    I also bolted on two steel pieces to the frame ends and attached a full length piece of 2" pvc pipe and that is my Batting roller and it really works nice!

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    lindasewsit reacted to loraquilts in Not as Easy as I Hoped   
    Terry, thanks for sharing that video.  I learn something everyday.  I had previously been stuffing the batting in from the belly bar toward the takeup roller.  Now I'm going to try it the way in the video.  For the quilt top, I've always folded it in half, stuffed it in between the two front rollers and then smoothed it out toward the back.  I think the method in the video might give me much better results.  Thanks again for sharing.  Now I see why your quilts always turn out so good.  ; )
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    lindasewsit reacted to T Row Studio in Not as Easy as I Hoped   
    Mary and Lora which way do you stuff the top and batting under the front roller from the front to the back or from the back to the front
    ok I found a video the add the batting and the top start about at the 10:40 area of the video I hope this helps I find it very easy to load the batting and Top I hope this helps. If you have a table for using for ruler work If you put that on when you are doing pantos itputs a bit of drag on the machine which gives you more contol until you get used to it. Good Luck remember listen to all advise and use what works for you. Welcome
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    lindasewsit reacted to loraquilts in Bobbin pile up   
    Is your needle new?  I've found that if the needle is not very sharp, you can get "pokies" on the back side of the quilt. 
    It also looks like you may want to tighten up the top tension or lower the bobbin tension.  I'd recommend practicing on the selvage portion of the backing until you get it set just right.  I usually lay another piece of fabric and batting over the backing (not on the quilt top) and test a little there.  It's easy enough to remove after you are all done, and this way you don't have to take the whole quilt off the frame.  Also, if you are going to trim out the quilt for binding, this little test piece will just come off when you trim.  Just make sure you are using the same kind of batting that is in your quilt sandwich otherwise the results won't match what you are working on now. 
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    lindasewsit reacted to Schlick in The Warm Company - batting   
    I haven't tried the Warm Co 80/20, but I do have some of the Warm Co. warm & plush batting. It's probably twice the thickness of warm & natural, no scrim so it needs to be quilted a little closer. I absolutely love it, it's thick, soft and drapey. I bought it from Joanns online, 1/2 off and free shipping. 
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    lindasewsit reacted to AnnP in Moons and Stars   
    Made this quilt for a vendor event. Found this loopy flower quilting pattern years ago on Youtube. Hope this makes someone happy. Now isn't why we make quilts?