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  1. Out of the business... cleaning out my stuff (so i can get more stuff)... I have a few rulers left, R&S design boards, books, etc). it is all on a .pdf (or word) document... i can't figure out how to post document here, so send me a note and i will send you the list... thank you! charla Design boards are gone... lots of good books left...thanks! clv
  2. reposting with price change... hydraulic lift was sold separately... still a great price for this wonderful machine that has given me many years of satisfaction... in turn, i took great care of it! great machine to start out with or to have as a second machine... or even to use as a rental!
  3. 2004 Millenium--all the usual Millie features including: -- 14' table -- Stitch regulator -- Power fabric advance -- Excellent working condition (has been maintained by me, plus to Carroll, IA two or three times over the years) -- Extras -- Can help set up and show you the basics (if needed) -- Shipping extra, but if someone in the PNW buys it, all the better! $9,800 OBO Charla Vrchota email: Phone: 206/795-9151 Seattle area
  4. hi sheri: yeah... retiring from quilting... may be back in lincoln in a couple months for a visit... i miss lincoln!!
  5. ok... it was the thread for the first quilt... then i put in the next quilt and was having some bobbin i tossed the 'magic genie' i was using, popped in one of the cardboard sides from one of my prewounds and had no problems after that... just 2 or 3 more very small ones to do then off to do my own piecing!! what a relief... thanks for the help and commisserating with me... happy holidays everyone/charla
  6. actually when i lock my stitches, i pretty much do it one at a time.. a lot of times i'll just 'yellow button' it a few up and back, cut my thread, then start stitching... i bought two new threads on sunday, but haven't tried it yet... one is maxilock and one is mettler (?) that says it'll do machine sewing... wish i could find someone locally who stocks all colors of signature so i could just drive over and pick it up... i'll try to get up my energy to test the new threads tomorrow (with all these problems, i've just lost my joy for quilting)... after getting these last few quilts done (or sent back unquilted), i'm going to lay off for a while--do some knitting or something... thanks for the suggestions.. will get back with results/charla
  7. thanks libby... but i don't think that's the case... after sleeping on it, i'm thinking that i'll try one more thing before selling my machine for scrap metal... new thread... hopefully i can find something that matches... might have to try maxilock because of the color selection...but i've read where people have used it with success... we'll see... right now i'm using aurifil (orange plastic)... maybe it's too old? i hope this works... would love to get these last few quilts done as i have so many of my own projects i need to finish...
  8. i'm at my wit's end... what causes the top thread to break (as if it's been cut) while taking the first stitch? i checked my timing, theading, filed rough spots on bobbin race, needle plate, changed needles, turned needle slightly to the left, straightened it again, tension is fine (this has been getting increasingly worse), sandwich not too tight, wd40'd and oiled down completely... what causes the thread to break when it first starts to stitch?? hellllp.... thanks! charla
  9. thanks heidi... never thought about the spring being too bent upwards... (duh)... ok... heading back down to tackle the monster!
  10. thanks... done all that... one thing i'm noticing is that if i take the spring thing out, it pulls up easier... i just wd40'd it, oiled it, repositioned the needle's eye... will be trying it to see if it helped... i'm not comfortable with running my bobbin without the spring... but we'll see
  11. what would cause my bobbin thread to feel tight when pulling up? my top thread will go down and pull up the tail... when i pull the tail, it is very difficult to pull ... is this a timing problem (i.e., needle eye position; finger position; other?)... my seemingly continuous bobbin problems are so frustrating that it takes all the fun out of quilting... thanks for any help... charla
  12. thanks dawn... i use the batting... i tightened my tension (a lot) and that seems to have controlled it... not flailing anymore... thanks!
  13. well... i'm wondering why it does that sometimes and not other times... and this is using the same cone of thread on the same quilt
  14. so here's a question to which i should know the answer... what causes my thread to come flailing off the cone? sometimes it just comes off nice and smooth... and other times it spastically unwinds... i'm sure this has to do with tension, but top or bottom and possible fix? thanks! charla