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  1. Hi MM! The machine is still available. I really love my Millie and have quilted some great things with her. However, I want to update/upgrade. You could come for a demo. Send me an email at and we can "talk". Hope to hear from you soon! And, Sue, thanks for sharing good info. As much as I try to look here everyday, I don't. email is always best. :-)
  2. Doreen - I will let you know when - if - I am successful. I hope soon..... Good luck with yours too!
  3. I am lowering the price to $10,000. Great deal with many extras included.....
  4. Bump. Compared to some of the other machines on the market, mine is a great deal!
  5. Thanks! That would be nice. I am in a good location for someone in the greater Bay Area to avoid shipping. Anywhere in the 3 local states for sure!
  6. Good suggestions! I have it listed at longarm university, APQS, mqr, mqp, on my local longarm guild and Facebook. I think the idea of a demo day is a good one. Then they could see all the goodies she comes with. Thanks!
  7. sell my Millennium! I listed it in October and have not had but a few nibbles. And now, with the entry of the Next Generation machine and all the dealers selling their old models, I'm finding the market is totally saturated with machines! I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. Any of you others trying to sell your machines having any luck? I really think my price is good, especially when comparing it to the others out there. I really don't want to "give" it away. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm bringing this to the top to announce another price reduction. $11,000! Thats all for this great machine and all the accessories!
  9. Yes, it is! you can email me at to get specific information.
  10. I have a 2007 Millennium for sale. The listing is under the Used Machines forum. I am selling her with many, many extras for only $12,000 + shipping. Check it out!
  11. I have a 2007 Millennium listed under the Used Machines forum that I am selling with many, many extras for the great price of $12,000! I am in CA so you could avoid shipping if you came to pick it up! Good luck with your search. APQS has great machines!
  12. This machine is still available and I am reducing the price again. I am offering it for $12,000!!! That is a great price with all the accessories I am including with it. See the original post for all that is included......