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  1. Hi MM! The machine is still available. I really love my Millie and have quilted some great things with her. However, I want to update/upgrade. You could come for a demo. Send me an email at laurie@finishingtouchesquilts.com and we can "talk". Hope to hear from you soon! And, Sue, thanks for sharing good info. As much as I try to look here everyday, I don't. email is always best. :-)
  2. Doreen - I will let you know when - if - I am successful. I hope soon..... Good luck with yours too!
  3. I am lowering the price to $10,000. Great deal with many extras included.....
  4. Bump. Compared to some of the other machines on the market, mine is a great deal!
  5. Thanks! That would be nice. I am in a good location for someone in the greater Bay Area to avoid shipping. Anywhere in the 3 local states for sure!
  6. Good suggestions! I have it listed at longarm university, APQS, mqr, mqp, on my local longarm guild and Facebook. I think the idea of a demo day is a good one. Then they could see all the goodies she comes with. Thanks!
  7. .....to sell my Millennium! I listed it in October and have not had but a few nibbles. And now, with the entry of the Next Generation machine and all the dealers selling their old models, I'm finding the market is totally saturated with machines! I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. Any of you others trying to sell your machines having any luck? I really think my price is good, especially when comparing it to the others out there. I really don't want to "give" it away. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm bringing this to the top to announce another price reduction. $11,000! Thats all for this great machine and all the accessories!
  9. Yes, it is! you can email me at laurie@finishingtouchesquilts.com to get specific information.
  10. I have a 2007 Millennium for sale. The listing is under the Used Machines forum. I am selling her with many, many extras for only $12,000 + shipping. Check it out!
  11. I have a 2007 Millennium listed under the Used Machines forum that I am selling with many, many extras for the great price of $12,000! I am in CA so you could avoid shipping if you came to pick it up! Good luck with your search. APQS has great machines!
  12. This machine is still available and I am reducing the price again. I am offering it for $12,000!!! That is a great price with all the accessories I am including with it. See the original post for all that is included......
  13. This Millie is still for sale and waiting for a new home. A computerized system would be a great addition to her! The price is only $12,950 but I will consider any offers. Please share this info with any interested party.
  14. I'm bringing this to the top to announce that I am reducing the price to $12, 950. This is a good price for so many extras and a great machine! I will consider any offers.......
  15. I am bringing this to the top again to announce another price reduction. This is a fabulous machine with many extras included. 2007 Millennium.. NOW SELLING FOR $10,000!!! Well taken care of. She had a factory spa treatment in June, 2012! This machine has: 26" throat, 12" table Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks Laser Light with Front Post Lower Thread Cutter APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder Power Fabric Advance Hydraulic Table Lift Stitch Regulator Needle Up, Needle Down Edgerider Wheels Also included are: Hartley Fence, Ruler Base, Micro Drive Handles, Horizontal Spool Holder and
  16. maybe this will be my incentive to actually blog!!! http://finishingtouchesquilts.blogspot.com/ I'd love to be added to the list. Can't wait to see the new site!
  17. Congratulations on the quilt and the graduation! Nicely done, both of you!
  18. Thanks, everyone! It was a really fun quilt to make and since everyone in the guild had an opportunity to work on it, everyone feels pride of ownership. Hopefully that will translate to high ticket sales! If you are interested in raffle tickets, send me a pm and I'll send you my address. The details: Donation: $1.00 for 1 OR $5.00 for 6. Checks can be made out to Carquinez Strait Stitchers or CSS. As soon as I receive $, I will mail the tickets, minus the stub, back to you. The drawing will be May 5, 2013. You don't need to be present to win. Thanks!!!
  19. what a fun quilt! i really like your quilting choices. good job!
  20. This is my guild Opportunity Quilt which will be raffled at our quilt show in May 2013. The quilt design was inspired by a free pattern from McCall's Quilting. Many members of my guild contributed floral fabric and made the pinwheel blocks. Another guild member designed the applique border (inspired by Piece O'Cake designs). I prepped all the applique pieces using the starch method and 2 other members sewed them to the borders. I did the quilting. No pressure! The quilt measures approx. 90 x 105. The back is white tone on tone. No photos of it yet. Enjoy!
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