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  1. Thank you, Dawn and everyone for the feedback on the bearding issue. I will make it a mission of mine to educate my customers on the value of a good quality backing. I do think my bearding problems had to do with the combination of thin batt and backing as the final result was a very thin quilt. Dawn, I did as you suggested and pushed in the most offensive pokes of batting and that helped. Thanks.
  2. I just finished a quilt that gave me tension and bearding nightmares. The customer gave me Dream Request batting and a loose weave backing that I suspect was from a major chain store, not from a high quality fabric from the LQS. The tension would be ok for a while then all of a sudden loosen up making an inch or two of railroad tracks on the back. In addition, there is a horrendous amount of bearding on the back. I have never had either of these problems before. I use Hobbs or Warm and Natural batting usually. And most customers bring me a high quality backing fabric. Can someone enlighten me. I'd like to educate my customers to discourage this from happening again.
  3. Linda and Nigel, I followed both of your suggestions. I wish timing instructions from APQS were a bit more detailed. But I am still having the same problem. On the second rotation by hand after following the entire timing procedure, the needle still lands about an inch beyond the hook. If I move the flywheel back counterclockwise, it will land back where it belongs. I am baffled! I guess I may have to wait until Monday and do something fun other than quilting this week-end, like go on a hike.
  4. No, I didn't do that. The instructions didn't mention that step that I am aware. I didn't remove it in the first place. Thanks for the reply. I'll go back and check to see if I missed a step.
  5. Help! Has anyone had this problem? Of course it would happen on a Friday night and I hope I don't have to wait until Monday and call Amy. I ran over my zippers and threw off my timing. I did everything the instructions on retiming said to do and even understood them. But after I positioned the needle correctly in relation to the hook and assured that there was a slight flex on the upstroke of the needle slightly below the halfway point on the needle, I felt like I was hurled into the twilight zone. I tightened the 3 set screws after checking everything and rotated the flywheel clockwise by hand. On the second rotation the needle didn't come anywhere near the hook. In fact, it would run into the assembly about a half inch past the hook. It seems like the rotation of the assembly and the the rotation of the flywheel are out of sync. Is this possible? What could I be doing wrong/ I must have redone the steps 20 times with the same results. Help!!
  6. Have you heard of Fels Naptha soap? I have found it will remove stains nothing else will. I have had a bar of it for 15 years and it has saved me on several occasions. I don\'t even know if you can find it any more, but I got mine at Sav-On drug store. I would look in a place like that. Apparently the soap has been around at least 100 years. Karen Spiderlegs Quilting Liberty
  7. I just bought a saddle stool from Sally Beauty Supply designed for hairdressers for $120. It has an adjustable height and wheels. I have a cement floor, but the stool stays put when I;) need it to, and if I need to move it, I just use my foot. It also has a foot rest. It is one of the best accessories I have purchased.
  8. Thank you Tracie! I too just watched and that will really help I\'m sure. What a great forum! Karen
  9. My biggest problem with customer quilts is that often the backs aren\'t squared up. I have done this for them, but I feel that I may not be doing it in the most efficient manner. I tried Carol Thelan\'s method as described in her book, but it never works out for me. I end up using the floor tiles which works, but it kills my back bending down. Help! Any helpful hints would be appreciated. Is there an online tutorial?
  10. Thanks to all for your advice. I did use black batting, so maybe I need to find my kitty a new home? My husband would be happy, but I\'d cry a lot! She\'s not allowed in my quilt room, but somehow I think her hair migrates there anyway.
  11. I just quilted a quilt with black fabric and it seemed to attract every little piece of hair and fuzz in my house. I spent as much time pulling the stuff off with tape as I did on the quilting. Does anyone have a tip for alleviating this problem?
  12. I would like some ideas about what to charge for quilting services. I feel like I'm not charging enough. It seems like I only end up making two to five dollars an hour! How can this be profitable? For example, what is the average charge for a queen size overall freehand design, my specialty?
  13. I agree, teresa that longarm quilters out there who charge so little are not helping the rest of send out the message that we are professionals. Think about what even the local handyman gets for doing a simple job in your home and compare the actual money we get per hour to what he gets. We women need to set a standard and stop working for chicken feed! Karen
  14. I received a Hawaiian quilt from my guild and they gave me a white back. They want me to use a blue/green variegated thread in the colored sections and white thread in the white spaces. They want the same color on the back, maybe a light green. I tried bottom line, but no matter what a do, there are dots on the back with the varigated thread. I think it is ok to have the back with 2 different threads. I'd like to use a Bottom Line thread that goes with the variegate and blends in better than the light green and white for the white areas. Hvae any of you ever had experience with this? do you think it's ok to do it the way i'd like to? If I had someone with experience say it's ok, maybe the guild will give me the ok. Superior threads suggested silver Bottom Line but the dots are there no matter how I adjust the tension. Thank you for any advice.