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  1. Thank you everybody for your help and advice - the problem was with the turbo bobbin winder ` which has now been solved. It was only when I read the manual and it said put "slight tension" on the thread tail that I realised I had been holding it "too tightly". Problem solved!!
  2. I have recently upgraded to a new Millie (from a Lenni), whole new "learning curve". My machine came with a Turbo Bobbin Winder (for Big Bobbins). I have managed to wind a bobbin with Superior So Fine without any problems but have had no success with Bottom Line as the thread keeps breaking.I have loosened the tension dial and removed the "net" all to no avail. I notice that the hole in the top of the So Fine cone is just 1/2 inch in diameter and the Bottom Line cone is 1 inch, would this make any difference. I have resorted to buying a Reel of Bottom Line but the thread still breaks.Any adv
  3. 2009 Lenni with Bliss Carriage upgrade for sale. 20" throat on a 10ft table. "Low Mileage" as only been used for my own quilts (not in business). Upgrading to Millie. £7,000 o.n.o.
  4. Hi Leigh I bought the Precise Pantograph System for my Lenni about 6 months ago and I love it. It enables you to be able to sit down at the back of your machine to quilt panto's. I bought a saddle stool (it has 5 legs on casters and easily glides along on the carpet, I also use it with my DSM). The PPS is basically an "A" frame (the laser light hangs down from the top of the frame with an upright handle either side of the bottom of the frame) the frame itself sits just above your panto which makes it much easier to follow the panto because you are much closer to it. This probably doesn't make
  5. Hi Everybody This is my very first post - so here goes. I would very much like to buy the above system to help with my pantographs, I don't have a computerised system as I am not "in business" and only quilt for myself. It seems like a great idea to be able to sit and quilt, and to be able to be more accurate. I haven't seen too much about it on this chat forum and just wonder how much interest there is in it.!! I have tried to order it on the "2sisters" website but it won't let me enter my details in the "Make/Model/Year" box. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have a (Blissed)