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  1. Congrats to Claudia, Claudia, that's really wonderful, great! Congrats from Helmut and me and let me tell you: Your Quilt is A W E S O M E !!!! I will call you after your arrvival in Germany! Romy
  2. Hi Claudia, congratulations for your second price - it\'s wonderful!!! Your quilt and quilting are incredible and awesome - keep on with your creative work! Will phone with you on Tuesday. Romy
  3. Clauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did I told you????????????? You will get a wonderful price and you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That\'s fantastic! That\'s awesome! More than a billion congrats to you and the other winners! Romy;);)
  4. Thank you all for your compliments - my customer is happy with the result. Lots of quilting regards, Romy;)
  5. Congrats to everyone - I\'m so proud sharing this chat with you. ,,, and especially: one price goes to Germany! Congratulations to you Birgit and keep on your creative work! Romy;)
  6. Hi Bobbi, that\'s a nice kind of quilting you made - love it! Your quilting comes up really good - which batting did you use? Romy
  7. Hi Satu, it\'s not my quilt. My customer made it and I think she told me, she worked 1 year on this quilt. Romy
  8. This quilt is finished now and I had a lot of fun. Isn\'t it a beautiful one made of 150 different 6 inches blocks? Each block is really lovable. I quilted flowers, leaves, swirls allover and it gave this quilt a romantic touch. Quilting: freemotion Thread top: Superior KING TUT no. 971 Thread bottom: Superior SO FINE! no. 402 First I thought to take SO FINE on the top also, but I\'M happy chosen KING TUT, cause there were a lot of seams. Romy;)
  9. Thank you all so much for your coments! As my customer told me on the phone, he will send me his third one soon and I will post some pictures. Romy
  10. Thank you all so much for your coments and help! This is a wonderful chat. Romy
  11. Some weeks ago I asked you for some suggestions about quilting. Thank you all so much for your help! I used KING TUT 972 and in the bottom SO FINE! 402. For the loops in the little apricot border I chose KING TUT 908. Hope you like the result;) Romy