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  1. Call Dave Jones (Mr. Deloa). He was amazing adjusting my Millie. If I had called him sooner, I might still have it.
  2. Every Millie should come with a Dave Jones. The man is a Magician! Thanks Dave!
  3. Shana, could I transfer my Like balance to you? I must have a lot by now. Hey, you could create a quiltmonkey2 account and Like some more!
  4. I'm am having problems with the needle up-down not stopping. Instead of using the needle updown button, I'm having to move the needle manually after stopping and turning off stitch regulator: if i try to use the needle updown, the needle will continue cycling slowly for 8 or 15 or 22 or 35 cycles or some other random number. What a mess on the back of my quilt!! I searched for screw #8 but found nothing. I would appreciate links to Dawn's comments. Thanks. Cathey in AZ
  5. Mary Beth, I have given up trying to use different colors on top and back because the tension is never consistent in both directions so I get the inevitable dots. If I use the same color, you can't see the dots!
  6. If he only has the stent for a week, he should count his blessings and so should YOU. My hubby had his stent for a month after the stone was smashed and it made him very grumpy. I had mine for several months! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.
  7. YES or NO????? I NEVER have the right colors in the right threads!
  8. What an unbearable situation. Is your husband the only child? I think I would drive her faaaaaarrrrr far away and drop her off somewhere. Life is too short to let someone spoil yours like that. There is no excuse for her behavior and no reason to put up with it. If that is not an option, I think I would find another place to stay until things got better at home. Bet your husband would figure out something pretty quickly.
  9. I have the 830... from 1975. LOL Actually, it's my second one. I gave the first away to a relative when I bought my 180 in the mid 90s. But then I missed it so much that after a few years, went looking for another one on ebay and found a pristine one for about the same dollars I paid for the old one. Oh, there, I needed a fix. I had to stop in the middle of this message, set it up and sew on it. I'm not even tempted to buy a new 830 though. I learned from buying the 180 that I don't care for embroidery at all.
  10. How sad for you and your husband that you don't live in Canada. No one should have to face losing everything because of medical bills or be denied treatment for lack of health insurance. My prayers are for your husband's recovery, but also that this country comes to its senses on health care, and soon. Health care for profit is unconscionable. This movie was a eye-opener: