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  1. Hello, I am getting back into quilting and noticed that the thin plastic pantograph cover needs to be replaced. I have a 14 foot table. I couldn't find anything on the APQS site. Thanks in advance! Judy
  2. Hi Dawn, Could you also send me a link? My Ultimate 1 is actually doing the same thing. Thanks so much. Judy
  3. Hi Diane, I would like the Linda Taylor Feather Meandering, Leaf Pile, and Deb's Swirls. Thanks so much, Judy
  4. Thanks everyone. The rulers went out today! ps Is there a way to change the topic heading to indicate they are gone?
  5. I upgraded the foot on my Ultimate I and no longer need the rulers I purchased that fit around the foot with the teflon adaptor - not that I was ever brave enough to use them.... First come first serve....
  6. Thank you Dawn for the quick response and info! Judy
  7. Ok, I have attempted to straighten my leaders. Now I am wondering, the sides of my leaders are uneven. So, when ever they were attached years ago (bought machine used) someone serged the edges on the sides but they aren't square with the top and bottom selvage attached to the rollers. Should I take them off, rip the sides to get a straight edge? I am considering getting the red snappers or leader grips. So I would need to sew a casing...which if it goes like my trying to sew a straight line for the leader edge...will not turn out very well. I have a 14ft machine Ultimate I. Renae's lea
  8. Thanks so much for everyone's comments! I have a non-stitch regulated machine, ultimate I. It just got back from the factory (i did add m and m wheels) and I am so excited, because I am going to try my first "custom" quilted project (my own ufo). I have been scouting the forums for ideas -- and there are many! Hopefully, I will post pictures for the first time in a couple of months.... All of you guys and gals are awesome! Judy
  9. Hello to all, I sent my Ultimate I to the factory right after Thanksgiving and got her back around Christmas. She hadn't had a spa treatment in over ten years. Since I decided to straighten my leaders and various other things, today was the first day I actually quilted on the Beast. I did a pantograph (Plumage by Jodi Beamish) I have done several times before so I could make a good comparison to the before and after. Wow what a difference. The beast is not so beastly any more I got the M&M wheels ( I had edgeriders before) and I really like them. I don't know how to explain it
  10. Do you think they mean a cable design? That would be a very traditional pattern? It sort of looks like a braid...maybe sorta... Judy
  11. My guild's program yesterday was the artist/quilter Janet Fogg. What an amazing artist! Pictures do not do justice to her quilts. They were amazing - and BIG! The thought that went into the piecing and color choices as well as her quilting designs...She brought quilts and said go ahead touch if need too! I didn't but I did get my nose really close Judy
  12. Hi to all, When my machine is finished do you get a tracking number? I've approved the repairs and given my credit card info? Just wondering...I know they are busy but am anxious to play Judy
  13. My beast is at the factory for its first spa treatment in 10 years. Mark called yesterday to update me on what issues were found. I just wanted to reiterate just how nice and helpful people are at APQS and on these forums. Thanks! Judy Ultimate I
  14. Well I think I will do my own test. When my machine is back from its spa treatment I am going to quilt another quilt for my daughter with the cairo quilt and magna-quilt threads. So we shall see Thanks to everyone for your input. I consider the apqs forum my best resource for ideas and troubleshooting! Judy