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  1. The Bliss is truely BLISS!!! It was well worth the money and it makes quilting with it so much more enjoyable... Best thing I purchased other than the Milli it self.
  2. Those are great Ideas -- I think I will Echo around -- I was just getting stumped and did not want to take away from the flowers
  3. Can anyonhelp with suggestions on this. They are 30 - 17" Cross Stitched squares. In the border I am doing just piano keys just to tack them down so the blocks will stand out.
  4. Beautiful Table -- I would love to have it in my home
  5. I also add some grated chesse to the top of mine. and leave a little hole through the mashed potatoes in the center to let out steam
  6. I was lucky enough to take a class from both Sue and Karen, It was wonderful. I had so much fun, just playing on the machines all day... It was great. Already taken their ideas and used them at home. GREAT JOB Ladies:D
  7. Had a great time with the Wild Women in Texas. I learned so much, but most fun was just watching them work. I look and touch my samples. If you get a chance, take one of the Wild Women Classes. Thanks again
  8. It is custom and I am free to do what I want on it. I also was thinking the piano keys
  9. I installed Edgeriders on my 2005 Milleneum and am very impressed with the smooth ride. They do well with intergate work also. I am glad I made the change.
  10. Does anyone have any ideas on what should be quilted on this one?
  11. I think I will make this tonite -- Thanks for the recipe
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