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  1. I'm of no help but anxious to see this one when done.
  2. I spent a good hour plus marking my cross hatch grid on the borders and sashings, loaded it on Millie, & barely got started before dinner. The weather changed- overcast, rainy damp. You guessed it! went down this morning and allllll my markings vanished! grrrr... most frustrating. I find it difficult and not as accurate to mark while a quilt is loaded. Much prefer to mark while on a hard surface. How do you all do it? any suggestions?
  3. It turned out beautiful! I like your wave feathers.
  4. So elegant! what size is it?
  5. Thanks Dell- Yes that does make sense. I'm anxious to start making in the morning.
  6. I'm wanting to do a diamond shaped cross hatch in shashings 2.5 x 14 however i do not want the finished diamond to be the width (2.5) of the sashing. ( does that make sense?) any suggestions / tutorial as to how to go about? thanks
  7. A beautiful job indeed. thanks for sharing.