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    Church Banner completed

    Beautiful indeed!!!
  2. iedquilts

    How many fills would you use?

    I'm of no help but anxious to see this one when done.
  3. iedquilts

    Cassiopeia AKA Cassie

  4. iedquilts

    Our computer friends

    How very sad.... so sorry .
  5. I spent a good hour plus marking my cross hatch grid on the borders and sashings, loaded it on Millie, & barely got started before dinner. The weather changed- overcast, rainy damp. You guessed it! went down this morning and allllll my markings vanished! grrrr... most frustrating. I find it difficult and not as accurate to mark while a quilt is loaded. Much prefer to mark while on a hard surface. How do you all do it? any suggestions?
  6. iedquilts

    Toot Toot!

    What a beauty! congrats.
  7. iedquilts

    Bartering success!

    It turned out beautiful! I like your wave feathers.
  8. iedquilts

    More Thread Painting

    I like them!!! great job.
  9. iedquilts

    Whole cloth

    So elegant! what size is it?
  10. iedquilts

    diamond shaped cross hatch

    Thanks Dell- Yes that does make sense. I'm anxious to start making in the morning.
  11. I'm wanting to do a diamond shaped cross hatch in shashings 2.5 x 14 however i do not want the finished diamond to be the width (2.5) of the sashing. ( does that make sense?) any suggestions / tutorial as to how to go about? thanks
  12. I've used both Bonnie's & Heidi's method. work great!
  13. Going into my favs.
  14. iedquilts

    First picture ...

    A beautiful job indeed. thanks for sharing.
  15. iedquilts

    Studio for sale - Life sucks!

    Well you go right past my door on your way "home".
  16. iedquilts

    Studio for sale - Life sucks!

    Oh Monika- I'm so glad you've made that decision- and the right one. All will go well- just wait & see. take it one day at a time and keep positive.
  17. iedquilts

    Quilting is a Funny Business

    Great news....
  18. iedquilts

    Studio for sale - Life sucks!

    So sorry to hear you are having to bring this great hobby / business to a close. Are you moving in my neck of the woods? if so you ar more than welcome to come & play with Mizz Millie. hugs to both of you.
  19. iedquilts


    A wreath on the little barn /shed would make this a picture perfect Christmas card. lovely quilting- & feathers.
  20. iedquilts

    Shooting Star finished.....

    Beautiful- i've yet to try curve cross hatch.
  21. oooohhh I love everything about this one.