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  1. this is a technique i share in my classes- practice on paper first- you put your pencil down and then look where you want to end. without moving your eyes, bring your pencil to the point you are staring at. do that over an over varying the angles of the lines- towards your body, away from your body. then do a squiggle line, focus on the beginning and draw back to the beginning. then apply it to your quilting. instead of watching the needle/quilt line, just look where you want to be and bring the machine to that point. it uses your muscle memory and trains your peripheral'll feel weird at first, but just trust the'll find that trackbacks are happening and you don't have to 'think' about it hope this helps...
  2. i'm okay with 1/32 to 1/16 off cause that can easily be compensated in the finished quilt. if there is 1/4 inch or more difference that's when i get a little concerned. when i get someone's squishy, i pull out a random block and measure. so far, sew good the one thing that is a big concern for me is that most (not all) of the ones i've received so far are not following the directions about folding the finished blocks. i ask for that to be done cause it helps ME when i swap all the blocks. it saves me time cause it makes it easier for me to count, stack, and put the swapped blocks back into the SASEes....think about it- i have to content with 600+ loose blocks. taking the time to fold them as asked makes the swap procedure SO much faster and easier on me... and to be honest- it makes me second guess about hosting another...
  3. here's my post from way back when and i'm recycling the picture
  4. thanks for the link...i would think about using the heat n press for piecing batting, but this will be a family heirloom.
  5. i need 4 yds of 120inch wide Warm and Natural for a customer. her quilt is too big for a king sized sheet....does anyone have some for sale by the yard, or know of an online retailer that does.... i really really don't want to have to piece it... thanks!
  6. yes- blocks will measure 13" raw/unfinished to measure 12.5inches finished/sewn in the quilt. i am double checking when blocks come in
  7. yup- i'll go look and double check... yes the finish in the quilt at 12 1/2" and will be 13" raw/unfinished
  8. here's the arrival list for the blocks. i will edit as more come in. 2/1- Beverly S, NM 2/2- julie D, NY 2/18- esther s, canada sheila, WY bonnie h, CA 2/23 muriel p, pa ann h, WA (your blocks smelt good!) 2/27 shana c , AK lyn c, AUST 3/05 judith W, TX (2 sets) thanks for the little extra joyce c, OH 3/7 parm g, vancouver 3/8 lynn a, OR corey s, CA rose h, CA 3/9 judy w, MN leslie c, TX donna f, HI (thanks for the coffee) 3/12 sue d, IL 3/14 kim k, NSW Aust carol h, PA 3/15 kim l, PA barb k, PA meg f, NY tonilyn s, AK 3/19 vickie o, FL (thank you for the gifty) 3/21 julie p, victoria, AUST (mmmm, chocolate) 3/23 anna p, IA (thanks for the sausage) 3/28 marta a, FL 3/29 sue s, PA 3/30 misa I, Japan 3/31 linda h, GA julie m, CA
  9. no sign up, just get your blocks here by the end of march....
  10. nope....anything you want. NO black or brown prints, this includes prints that READ as black or brown from a distance...
  11. the key to photographing the detail of the quilting is side lighting. i turn off the overhead lights in the room, turn off the flash on the camera, and place a gooseneck lamp at the edge and take pictures...don't worry about the colors in the detail shot, that's what the full shot is for. that's how i do it....for the big international shows i hire a professional photographer
  12. so is everyone stitching??? i have my 'components' made....just need to sew into blocks and i'll be finished.i'm surprised to have not received any squishies yet...
  13. yup- it's finished...and washed..... and folded on the shelf waiting for october thank you for quilting it for me!
  14. i quilted it with a leaf echo fill. this is the first time i've tried this design and i liked it! thanks to all those whose participated. i plan on hanging the quilt at the top of my stairs during the spring months.
  15. i finally quilted my swap quilt from the spring swap back in 2010!
  16. the thing that kindda got me is they felt that by sending out their quilts to be LAed, they didn't feel like it was 'their' quilt anymore....i mean, i get it, but i don't
  17. i read alot of blogs and i found this blog post this morning: she basically asks about sending quilts out to be LAed. i'm reading the comments- WOW! even though most are not in the US, it's nice to see what they remember about their experience and what they don't. i notice alot if comments mention the 'expense' of sending a quilt out, but most of the comments are from those under 30 and i remember $100 being alot of money back then the couple of 'horror' stories i've read so far are mostly based on miscommunication and shoddy workmanship. *giggle* i feel weird reading the comments, like being a fly on the wall in the boys locker room