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  1. remember the show quilt i was working on back at christmas? the piecer sent me a full picture of the quilt the other day. i was all smiles til i noticed a boo you see it? *crap* it's all i see now... i remember the award winning quilt hanging at MQS couple years ago with a missed area.... how did i fudge that? *shrug* oh well, i'm only human.
  2. perfect design for someone's UFO quilt.......hehehehe
  3. yup, i caught that and am in the process of correcting the instructions...thanks will change the link to the revised corrected version give me 10 minutes....
  4. good question- you can make sets of groups within the (30) block set- say (6) groups of 5 blocks each that are all the same. if you make all your (30) blocks completely different, there's no need to send them to me to be swapped for scrappy already have (30) scrappy blocks:P i have always wanted to make a 30s repro quilt, but i've not wanted to start stashing 30s repros....this is my sneaky way of getting the scrappy 30s quilt i've always wanted....and you guys are going to help me with that
  5. sizing will help, but cutting a fabric 'true-to-grain' will be the biggest factor in fraying fabric. press your fabric giving a light 'dusting' of spray starch/sizing making sure to press out the bolt fold. hold the fabric with selvages together in front of you with the fold at the bottom. slide one layer of the selvage end til the fabric hangs perfectly straight with no wompies, puckers, or dents. this takes some practice developing an eye for it hanging straight, but oh so worth it! : that is the straight of grain. carefully lay on your cutting mat and using a ruler square up the one edge using the folded end as a foundation. i was shown this trick by a fellow quilter and was amazed the difference in my piecing. fabric 'behaved' better in the block and was easier to press.... it won't help all fraying, but it does make a difference, i think JMHO
  6. joann's kona cotton white is fine....cotton thread for piecing, please....remember no black or brown prints. just a real quick tip: when you sew the corner units to the "PLUS" units, the seam from the flip and sew white corner will not line up to the plus fabric and white seam on the raw edge of the pieces. they will match up however 1/4inch in from the ram edge. this is important to keep from losing points.... make sense?
  7. - if you want to make groupings of different colors (ie, make 5 sets of (6) where the (6) blocks inside the group are the same- that's fine. -the 'plus' in the center can be what ever your little heart wants it to be. i choose red cause that what i was feeling at that exact minute - the only written-in-stone, has-to-be rule is kona white as the background and white thread...
  8. click on FILE in the upper left hand corner of the screen. then you can either save the .pdf to your computer (put it somewhere you can find it later) or print it out.
  9. okay here's the link for the directions. CLICK HERE (this is the corrected version 1-6-12) there is no 'sign-up list' just make the blocks and mail them to me... DEADLINE- they must be at my house by March 31st, 2012. any questions- let me know this will be one gorgeous quilt, and i think many will be sorry they didn't do it when they start seeing the finished tops.... happy stitching!
  10. okay yall- i'm getting ready to start a thread just for the directions....
  11. here's my block with the fabrics i'm using. i'm off to write the directions
  12. yes. i don't have a sample block in the 30s yet...working on it, i'll post as soon as i get one done
  13. Would a end of march deadline be better? that would give the rest of January to find fabrics and all of February and march to sew....
  14. i made a test block to check my math, i just finished figuring the yardage: for one (30) block set: (you can make more than one set. each set must be made with completely different fabrics) --Kona Cotton White (yes, it has to be kona cotton white:)): 2 1/2 yards. if you tend to miss cut, you might want to get three yards --you'll need four fabrics for the corners: 1 yard each and that leaves some 'oopsie' room --you'll need a yard for the '+' in the middle, and that is generous as well colors for the 30s repros: pink/red/orange/yellow/blue/green/purple NO BROWN NO BLACK aim for high contrast throughout the block's' fabrics... quicky explanation: you make (30) blocks that are exactly the same, mail them to me by the deadline (which i haven't set, but will be in march) then i swap them and you get back (30) blocks that are all different/ scrappy. it a good way to make a scrappy looking quilt without having to have all the scraps. we will not be signing the blocks, but attaching a slip of paper with name and location. i'll include all this plus more in the printable pdf download when i get that written...probably this weekend....i'll post it in a different thread. clear as mud?
  15. for our friends in Oz, the swap is open to all. for return postage i will send you a paypal monies request since aussie stamps are not recognized by our PO....they only draw back is the deadline and shipping....but i promise to cover it all in the directions/guidelines when i get it all figured out
  16. i'm glad that you want to share your precious vintage fabric, but for the purposes of the swap, i'd prefer if it were reproductions. keeps the playing field even and fair. thanks for offering tho, and thanks for asking.
  17. i don't know if it has a proper name, but i did see it called a 'maple star' once..
  18. here's a mock up of the quilt- i tend to design in greyscale....
  19. it's winter and most are spending lots of time with our sewing i was thinking the other day: is it a good time to do another block swap? we haven't done a 30s repro theme yet, so that's what i'm thinking with a kona white background.... here's the block. it finishes at 12.5 inches and (30) blocks would give a top of 62.5 by 73.5 without borders....i wanted a block that would look like a scrappy 30s quilt and wouldn't require any additional setting- just sew together and border. i haven't done the fabric requirements yet. don't want to invest them time before i see if i have a good response. whatcha think? i was thinking if i get a good response, i could post the directions and fabric requirements this weekend and a mailing deadline sometime around the first of march?
  20. the other day i was walking out of the grocery store and the wall of coin feed toy machines caught my eye...little rubber duck pencil toppers:P.... i wonder what people thought watching a grown woman feeding quarters into that machine. it only took six to get a 'normal' yellow one....i immediately put it to work on the front laser pointer holder thingy to hold my scissors....
  21. may your best of 2011 be your worst in 2012