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  1. i completely forgot this one. i have it printed out and hanging in my studio for all my customers to see. i do not machine quilt. i hand quilt with an electric needle. -harriet hargrave
  2. my fav quilting quote: the only place where housework comes before quilting is in the dictionary.
  3. what about something that hangs on the inside of the handle on the chair? easy to reach for the person.
  4. thanks for all your feed back and sharing your experiences. i've been doing this for four years now, and at first i couldn't say NO because i was earning my repation. now that i have a good healthy customer base, i find that it can get over whelming (the rushes). so i will take a little bit of every one's comments and use them to my advantage. thanks bunches... ps love the sand box analogy...will be using that one soon..... happy stitchn'
  5. i need some advice. lately i have had some problems with customers understanding a "rush job". my normal turn around is 30 to 45 days. i quilt 8 hrs a day, five days a week. i charge a rush fee (dependant on the quilt, usually 30 to 40% extra), but that doesn't seem to be helping. i hate turning customers down, as this might lose me their business. but i'm tired of working 70 hrs a week. i send out emails frequently and i always put my turn around on them as a reminder. like i'll send out a email in febuary reminding them that graduation is coming up, and i still get all these quilts in august that need to be done in like three days. i'm getting frustrated and nee your guidiance and support...thanks. what are your policies for rushes? how do you handle the hard-headed customers?
  6. thanks for all your suggestions...i finally got them out after washing the quilt for about 16 hrs straight...dawn dish detergent seemed to help. if you didn't know where the lines were to begin with you wouldn't notice... im going to try to post a pic, i figured out what i was doing wrong... it's my first and i'm pleased with it. i left myself tons of room for improvment
  7. i tend to shorten my stitch length for at least a 1/4". imagine that you are trying to put a stitch in between each thread in the weave of the fabric. this works for me. i only use this if i can hide it in the ditch of a seam,if the thread blends well, or if i can "camo" it in to the quilting line itself. then clip at the top of the quilt. i also end the same way.
  8. help...i have a pre-printed wholecloth top that a customer bought me (my first) and now that it's finished i'm trying to remove the lines and YIPES! the lines are not coming completely out. where i followed the lines you can't see them, but where i didn't you can still see a faint line. this is disappointing because i was hoping to enter it in a show this sept. does any one have any ideas. i have washed this quilt for almost 24 hrs straight in cold water using every soap i have and could think of. i have attached a pic of it before i washed it...
  9. well, this is what i did and so far...(fingers crossed)...i changed the needle to a size 5 and turned the stitch regular on, believe it or not, for now, that seems to have done the trick, now how to explain to customer... thank you for all your helpful advice and empathy happy stitches...
  10. some follow up- i cleaned, oiled, and checked the hook assembly for thread. i changed the needle, and it's still doing it. this isn't the first t-shirt quilt i've quilted. this is just the first ive had this particular problem....hmmmm....the mystery continues.....
  11. HELP!! i am quilting a t-shirt quilt and i'm having skipped stitches. I know this is NOT a timing issue because it's only skipping in the t-shirt, not in the "normal" quilting cottons surrounding the shirt. any suggestions would be EXTREMELY appreciated. i just don't get why it would skip only in the shirt and not the cotton? ARUGH!
  12. i was wondering if anyone had an feed back to share about how judges feel about quilts in shows that have been washed? i know that wholecloths are expected to be washed, but what about others. im working on one that is 80% mctavished and it always looks better after a wash..