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  1. Kay - we are getting settled in. As soon as the studio is up and running, I'll post some pics. Myrna - I have met several longarmers. I've met several Gammill owners, but no APQS owners. I am planning on attending the Modern Quilt Guild's meeting tomorrow night, so maybe there'll be some there. Vegas has given the me the opportunity to discontinue all asthma meds, and once it gets a little cooler, I plan on returning to bike riding. I've been exercising (sometimes only relaxing) in the pool almost every evening. I haven't been able to do much of anything outside for a long time with my
  2. For all of those longarm quilters in the Las Vegas, NV area, we are trying to get a longarm guild started. This is a great opportunity to meet other longarm quilters and discuss techniques, problems, and a fantastic educational opportunity. If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail me.
  3. I have the Accuquilt Studio with a multitude of dies. I love this new tool! I can cut out an applique quilt (with Ricky Tims dies) in 15 minutes. I cut out a king sized quilt made of 2 1/2" strips in 15-20 minutes. All of the cuts are exact and everything I have cut so far has fit together perfectly! I have demoed (sp?) the Go! and I believe that it is worth spending the extra $$$ on the Studio, if you have the room. It cuts thru more layers of fabrics and is a much heavier piece of equipment, and it has a lifetime warranty!
  4. I know this has been discussed before, but I have just started receiving tops that will be donated to QOV. I remember that there were some designers who provided digital quilting designs free of charge for this purpose. Can someone provide me with some places to go to get the designs so I can get these tops quilted? I have three that need attention ASAP. Thanks!
  5. Mary Beth - I just sent an e-mail to the Blue Valley Quilter\'s Guild for QOV quilt tops. If you would like to partner up to get this going in K.C., let me know. We can pool our resources for any supplies we need and hopefully get some tops from our quilting friends. In addition, maybe we can work on our longarmers to do 1-2 quilts a month too. Call me so we can put together a plan;:) Janiece
  6. Here\'s trying the second one - Diva Dogs
  7. One more time - the file seems to be too large. I\'ve made it smaller, so let\'s see if this works!
  8. I thought I\'d post a couple of pictures of customer quilts and my quilting with the CQ. I had to do some digitizing on the black quilt - the small spaces were odd shaped and needed to be filled. On the Diva Dog quilt, I digitized the bones for the sashing and the paws for the corner stones and borders. I\'m having a great time with my CQ and I LOVE digitizing designs.
  9. I would love to have the bamboo file for CQ. I have an oriental quilt it would fit beautifully on! Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have any ideas for using the compuquilter on a mariner's compass quilt? My customer did a great job on his piecing and he wants a custom quilting job. I just got my CQ a few weeks ago and LOVE it!!!! I'd really like to find some design for the CQ that will work on these blocks, but I'm not sure it is even out there somewhere. Any help will be appreciated!
  11. I have a set of Hartley Micro-drive handles for sale. I installed them but never used them, and now I've added the CQ to my setup and don't really need them. I'm asking $150 - includes shipping. E-mail me if interested janiece.cline@gmail.com
  12. Your quilt looks great! I\'ve made 2 of these quilts - one full sized and one crib sized. They are really fun and easy to do! The crib sized one I donated for an auction that works with developmentally disabled children and to my surprise, it brought in $165. I used soft pastels, but would like to try to do one in brights in the future. Keep on quilting!
  13. I have sold the pantographs that I had listed earlier. Thank you.
  14. Jeri - I had templates made, but I purchased the base. The company I used is no longer in business, and I haven't been able to find anyone else that does this type of work. Janiece
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