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    Quilting with my Children and Grandchildren, Love the wonderful friends on the forums. My wonderful Husband of 60 years. My little dog Mindy Sue. Family . Srapebooking. Cooking, Baking. Just interested in life.
  1. Hi Gable, I too sufer from Fibromyalgia, I tried a lot of different things and this is the formula that has help me. Mega Red omega 3, it has the Krill oil in it. Dr.OZ recommends this one. COQ10, I use 600 mg. My Daughter uses 300 mg. I take 5000 of vit D3 , because my D is low. You might have yours checked. 1000 units of vit C. I also take Doctor's choice 45+ vitamins for women. This has taken my pain away and has given me more energy . I hope I hope this might help . I have followed this for years and wouldn't be with out it. Carolj.
  2. What program's are you using to down load Audio Books? I had Nero 9 and let my sub run out and now they tell me they( Audio Books )do not use any other Nero. I am very flusterated. I have been a member for years and have books ready to down load and can't. Thanks for the help.
  3. Sheryl, I am so Sorry. Many prayers coming your way for both you and Marvin. Carolj.
  4. I know there has to be directions on how to down your profile picture and quilts. I have searched , but I just can't locate any thing on it. Any help will be appreciated. Carolj.
  5. Carmen, Prayers said for your Grandson, Zack, and your whole family. Carolj.
  6. Cheri, You all will continue to be in my prayers. Many Hugs for you all. CaaroJ.
  7. Shana, You are such a wonderful and precious Jewel. You have certainly hit the nail on the head about our forum, You my Dear have been an inspiration to all of us. We have so many wonderful sisters and bros. here on our forum, The prayers you all gave to me, when my Roxanna was going through her cancer is beyond words. My fonest wish is that we will aways have the priviledge of the love, caring and friendship we recieve here on this special place. We could not do with a single one of you. Carolj.
  8. Jeanne, I am continuing to keep your Mom and you in my prayers. Carolj.
  9. Thanks Vicki, I will be happy to add him my prayer list. Carolj.
  10. Dave and Jane, How wonder full to know what your heart wants and go after it. You are truly one romantic guy, Dave. :cool: You both are so lucky to be sweethearts for all these years. Wishing you many, many more to come. Carolj/
  11. Penny, Prayers to Our Loving God and Creator to give your Mom and you the strength mentally and physically to go through this heart rendering time. To guide the medical people that are caring for your Mom. Don't for get the Aloe vera and Vit. E. as Rita said. They are wonderful even after She comes home from the hospital. Using them on her burns will continue to help heal and for her to have less scaring. I had my arm and hand severly burned with hot grease and I used these and you can hardly tell where it was burned. Carolj.
  12. Laura, That is wonderful news and I will continue to hold you both close in my heart with many prayers going up. Carolj.